Is shroud returning to pro play? Top streamer considers VCT

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek may be returning to the competition, but it would be in an entirely new tactical title this time around. 

The popular streamer has a long account in esports as one of the most popular professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players of his time. In his recent stream, shroud has confirmed that he’s looking to compete “casually” in the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour: Open Qualifiers 3. 

shroud quit competitive CSGO in 2017, leaving his fans in utter disbelief. However, his departure from pro CSGO didn’t faze fans’ love for his personality as his Twitch career took off instantly, making him one of the most-watched esports streamers on the platform.

In 2021, shroud’s Valorant streams are popular among both casual and competitive players. The real numbers shine through during VCT’s games when his streams boast more viewers than Valorant’s official channel on Twitch. 

Is shroud going pro in Valorant?

shroud has previously stated that he doesn’t plan on formally competing in any esports title, but rumors about his return to pro play have ruffled many feathers. A screenshot from Quan “Dicey” Tran recent stream surfaced on the internet in which ShawnBM had asked him if he wants to team up with him, shroud, Sean, and Jordan for VCT qualifiers 3. The three players were part of Old Guys Club, a CSGO team comprised of since-retired professionals. 

shroud has now come forward and turned down the rumors of his “competitive comeback.” The streamer has finally cleared the air and has confirmed that he still stands by his earlier statement of not competing. However, he may play alongside his old friends “for fun.”

“We are trying to get into one of these VCT open qualifiers just for fun. We’re trying to make like a team. We are trying to have fun, mess around in a qualifier, that doesn’t count as a team,” shroud said. 

While shroud refuses to label it as his comeback to pro play, fans are still excited to watch him in action in a competitive setting. Many had hoped that he’d return to CSGO, but for now, fans are excited even if they get to watch him play a different title. 

Here’s the roster shroud is trying to put together:

  • Michael “shroud” Grzesiek
  • Sean “Sgares” Gares
  • Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert
  • Shawn “ShawnBM”
  • Quan “Dicey” Tran

His casual team may feature different players since Dicey and Sgares are still under contract with 100 Thieves and Gen.G, respectively. 


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