Is Senna best as an ADC or support in League of Legends 2021?

By Christian Vejvad


Feb 16, 2021

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Senna is crawling slowly back into meta for Season 11 in League of Legends, but is it best to play her as an ADC or support? 

Senna was originally designed as the first supportive marksman in the game but has since release been picked up purely as a support champion as well. Senna has also been used for the “fasting Senna” strategy in bot lane, where the support does the farming while Senna picks up souls for her Absolution passive.

For 2021, Senna is still a versatile champion who can be played in several different ways, but it’s worth looking at what the strongest way to play her in Season 11 is. 

How to play Senna in League of Legends?

Senna is a good mix between a marksman and support, which is why she is played in both positions. Senna can heal, shield, and dish out damage at the same time. Her heal is great for helping teammates sustain, which makes her a good and safe support pick. At the same time, she can build up range through collecting souls and be a scary late-game carry. 

As of patch 11.3, Senna is in both positions, with 184,000 games tracked as a bot laner and 125,000 games tracked as support in Platinum rank and higher. Players in solo queue clearly like Senna as a carry the most and her win rates back that up. As a bot laner, Senna wins 50.46% of her games while only winning 48,47% as support. This is a significant difference, making support Senna a fairly bad pick in most situations. With a lot of hard-engage support in meta currently, Senna is a risky choice that can easily be shut down. 

For the bot-lane position, it’s different since Senna can have a support to peel for her and give backup. With the right peel, Senna can scale to be a strong carry in the late game with an enormous range. Players in solo queue, as well as professional players, tend to go for the Kraken Slayer mythic item followed up by Guinsoo’s Rageblade with great success. It’s therefore a fair conclusion to say that Senna is most viable as an ADC in the current meta. 

There are still stronger options for both positions as of patch 11.3, but Senna might become a stronger meta pick with the upcoming patches.  


What role is Senna in League of Legends?

Senna is a marksman in League of Legends, which mainly makes her viable in the bot lane as an ADC. Besides her viability as an ADC, she is also used as a support that helps sustain the carries throughout the game. 

Is Senna Lucian’s Wife?

According to League of Legends lore, Senna is the wife of Lucian. Senna was a part of the lore long before she was released in the game, starting from when Lucian entered the universe. Senna was Lucian’s wife until Thresh took her soul and imprisoned her in his lantern. Since then, Lucian’s mission has been to get her back and he succeeded. 


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