Is NHL 23 worth buying? Here’s all the new content explained

By Melany Moncada


Nov 9, 2022

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NHL 23 brings more of the same hockey action as last year’s title, but it may still be worth buying for many fans.

Sports titles are among the most popular video games. From casual players to professional content creators, sports games have a loyal audience that is willing to buy the newest installment every year. NHL is no exception but after some mixed reviews, players are wondering if NHL 23 is worth it.

Of all the EA Sports titles, NHL is probably the least popular, which is not surprising considering that it is competing with titans like FIFA and NB2K. Still, NHL’s fanbase patiently waits every year for the newest version of the game. The hope is that every new version adds to the experience. Unfortunately for players, it seems like NHL 23 is not delivering on the upgrade that players expected.

For NHL 23, EA Sports focused on the visual and audio aspects of the game. Details like the ice, the players’ design, and the ambiance noise were massively improved, making it visually and sonically appealing. In other aspects, NHL 23 leaves a lot to be desired.

The crossplay feature, which was majorly promoted and a reason for players to buy in, was not available upon release. According to EA Sports, crossplay will be available starting in November 2022. There isn’t an exact date for it.

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To regular NHL enjoyers, the game will feel like the same game they already know. Other than the visual aspect, not much has changed. Players that prefer the Franchise Mode will have a better experience since NHL 23 now allows some level of customization. It is limited, but still better than nothing. For Career Mode players, NHL 23 is simply not worth it. The game doesn’t add anything new to this mode.

How much will NHL 23 cost?

The Standard Edition for PS5 sells for $70 USD and $60 USD for the PS4 edition. The X-Factor Edition, which includes 4,600 NHL points and unlocked abilities go for $99.99 USD. The X-Factor Edition works for both PS4 and PS5.


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