Is Miranda Keyes in the Halo show the same as the games?

By Nicholas James


Apr 7, 2022

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Miranda Keyes is a familiar figure from the Halo games that has been changed in the live-action show. So who is Miranda Keyes in the Halo show?

In the Halo games, Commander Miranda Keyes is the daughter of Captain Jacob Keyes and a UNSC commanding officer. In the Halo show on Paramount Plus, she’s been changed to a scientist, though nonetheless still a Commander. Her parentage also appears to be a well-kept secret, only revealed in episode three.

Who is Miranda Keyes in the Halo show?

In both the games and the show, Miranda Keyes is the daughter of Captain Jacob Keyes and Doctor Catherine Halsey. Instead of a military figure, Miranda has been changed to a xeno-specialized scientist, studying the Covenant’s culture, formation, and technology. In the Halo show, she’s being set up as one of the UNSC’s leading experts in Covenant technology and an ally to Master Chief. Miranda Keyes in played by actress Olive Gray.

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In the first episodes of the Halo show, Miranda speaks openly about her objections to the planned execution of young rebel Kwan Ha, addressing Halsey as a career-long obstacle. It’s not clear if she knows that Doctor Halsey is her mother, and this could make for a surprise reveal later on in the show if she doesn’t yet know. Some Halo fans might be surprised to learn about Miranda’s parentage but like other elements from the Silver Timeline, this is straight from the lore of the games.

In Halo’s third episode, Miranda is allowed to examine the Forerunner Keystone that has been both granting Master Chief memories of his life before the Spartan-II program as well as information on the titular Halo rings. As Master Chief sets off for Eridanus Two, Miranda seems to be the one who will help the UNSC unlock the secrets of Forerunner technology.


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