Is FromSoftware going to develop an Elden Ring TV show?

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 17, 2022

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An Elden Ring TV show could be on the horizon as FromSoftware hints at expanding the IP into new fields.

Elden Ring developer FromSoftware has hinted that Elden Ring could expand into new entertainment mediums, including a potential TV show. A recent press release from the Japanese company implied that the game’s success could lead to bigger projects with the same IP. Given the near-universal acclaim and incredible sales, it makes sense for FromSoftware to push the Lands Between even further. 

A Japanese-language press release from March 16 celebrated the success of Elden Ring’s launch. In it, director Hidetaka Miyazaki thanked fans for their continued support and expressed his intent to continue developing the game. At the end of the message, FromSoftware seems to hint at further Elden RIng content outside of just video games.

“Elden Ring will continue to develop not only games, but also intellectual property such as characters in various ways, so please look forward to it,” it said, according to an unofficial translation.

Video games expanding into television shows and movies is currently all the rage in today’s remake-centered Hollywood. Uncharted became a box office success, hitting $300 million at the box office despite a lukewarm reception among fans.

With The Witcher confirming a third season, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood still going strong, and League of Legends’ Arcane getting rave reviews, it seems like a natural progression for the world of Elden Ring.

All three of those series are tied with streaming service Netflix, which is very popular in FromSoftware’s home country of Japan. With more than 12 million units sold worldwide, the smashing success of Elden Ring could definitely translate to a hit show.

Elden Ring TV show could take place before The Shattering

The most obvious setting for an Elden Ring TV show would be the Lands Between when it was still a functioning society.

The game Elden Ring takes place in the Lands Between, a small border area of a much larger world. The Lands Between is ruled by Queen Marika, King Radagon, and their several children. By the time the Tarnished arrives to become Elden Lord, everything is ruined including the titular protective shield. Several key characters have complex relationships, but players don’t get to see any of it firsthand.

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An Elden Ring TV show could give characters like Ranni the Witch and Prince Miquella more time in the spotlight. Villains like Malenia and Rykard could use more information for their backstories. Elden Ring fans would jump to see General Radahn and Godfrey in their prime. Even beating the game doesn’t reveal much information about why the Elden Ring was shattered in the first place. A proper backstory could help clue players in on FromSoftware’s traditional cryptic lore. 

With so many characters to work with, television is the most natural expansion for the world of Elden Ring.


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