FaZe Banks

Is FaZe Banks getting ready to leave FaZe Clan?

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Recently, an Esports Talk video addressed a podcast that Richard “Banks” Bengston was on back in August in which he discussed his desire to “catch the ultimate bag” and “bounce” by selling his portion of FaZe Clan. 

In the podcast, Banks said that he is done with the industry, and has had it with the negative implications his FaZe Clan ownership brings him. Banks is one of the founders of FaZe Clan, which launched in 2010, and is often in the news for both his controversial words and actions. He’s been in the news consistently over the past few years for his big feuds with other creators, including Big 10 and Turner “Tfue” Tenney.

Is Banks selling his share of FaZe Clan?

There has been no news since the August podcast that Banks has had any intention of selling his share of FaZe Clan, which is one of the biggest esports organizations in the world. If it’s true that he plans to cash out, he’d be due a huge sum of money through selling his stake. Banks has been an on-and-off content creator for the past year or so, taking frequent breaks that could be due to his feelings on the industry.

“In so many ways, I’m over it. I really am over it. I’m over the internet. I never really thought I would not enjoy how corperate or real this business could be, that was always the dream that was always the goal,” Banks said on the Mom’s Basement podcast. “But now that we’re here it’s like I really do just miss making my own decisions at my own will, and acting the way that I fucking want to, and I really am so ready to catch the ultimate bag and fucking bounce.”

It may be unlikely that Banks is actually planning to sell his share of FaZe Clan. He also mentioned that the people around him and the new people he meets make the negatives of the industry worth dealing with. It seems towards the end of the conversation that Banks agrees he will get through the hardships of the presence that comes with being a prominent member of the esports scene. 

What Jake “JakeSucky” Lucky says in the Esports Talk video is that Banks likely brings a spotlight to the gaming and esports industry just by existing within it, whether that attention is for good or bad things. FaZe Clan isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, as it is one of the powerhouse organizations in the esports space.