Is any more WWE 2K22 DLC coming out? Here’s what we know

Steven Rondina • July 21, 2022 3:14 pm

WWE 2K22 has now released all of its previously announced DLC bundles, but will any more DLC be coming out for the game? Here’s what we know.

Ahead of the release of WWE 2K22, Take-Two Interactive confirmed five DLC bundles for the game, each containing five or six playable characters. This included both modern WWE and NXT wrestlers who weren’t in the base game’s roster as well as throwbacks from the past such as Cactus Jack and Doink the Clown.

But even after the release of five DLC bundles, WWE 2K22’s roster is quite light compared to past games in the WWE 2K series. Huge names from yesteryear including Lita, Kurt Angle, and Roddy Piper aren’t in the game, nor are key players in the modern WWE landscape such as Cody Rhodes and Bron Breakker.

So will there be more DLC for WWE 2K22? Or is the game effectively done at this point?

Why there may not be more WWE 2K22 DLC

Odds are that the Whole Dam Pack will be the final DLC release for WWE 2K22. More gameplay patches will likely come out to help deal with bugs that pop up over time, but fans shouldn’t expect more wrestlers or other significant additions to be added to the game in the remainder of 2022 or moving forward. 

According to reports, WWE and developer 2K Games have had a bit of a rocky relationship over the last few years. This stems from the disastrous release of both WWE 2K20 and WWE 2K Battlegrounds. The games received poor Metacritic review averages, with WWE 2K20 in particular being lambasted by fans.

WWE 2K22 was set to be the final game in the partnership between 2K Games and WWE. If 2K Games is set to officially divest from pro wrestling sims, it seems likely that the publisher would wash its hands of WWE 2K22 and focus development efforts elsewhere rather than adding in more DLC. The only other possibility is if WWE 2K22’s DLC has been performing well in sales to the point where 2K games would want to put out an extra pack or two, but there is no indication that this has been the case thus far.


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