Invictus Gaming becomes first LoL team to score 10,000 kills

By Melany Moncada


Jun 22, 2020

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Invictus Gaming is the first team ever to reach 10,000 kills in official matches, with over 20% of those kills coming from one player.

In 2018, Invictus Gaming became the first LPL team to win a World Championship title. This year, IG became the first team to ever get 10,000 kills. Mid laner Song “Rookie” Eui-jin is responsible for over 2,000 of those kills. Rookie is the second player to reach that number in the LPL, the first being retired ADC superstar Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao.

The surprising part is that no other team in the LPL is even close to IG’s achievement. IG is the second-oldest organization in the LPL behind Team WE, both teams entered the game in 2011.

The LPL in numbers

The LPL is known for being fast, bloody, and above all, unpredictable. Unlike the other major regions that took inspiration from the LCK, the LPL developed its own style based on its unique take on the meta. IG proved to everyone that “playing your game” actually worked and not only that, it can carry you to World Championship titles.

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In spring, the LPL was the fastest-paced out of the four major regions with a 32:29 average game time. Surprisingly enough, the LCK was the second-fastest with a 33:38 average game time. The LPL is also the league with the most kills per game, with an average of 27. The game with the most kills had 58 kills.

This tendency to team fight puts LPL teams well ahead of the teams around the world when it comes to kills. The closest team is Fnatic from the LEC with approximately 7,175 kills. In North America, the team with the most kills is Team SoloMid with around 7,150, followed by Cloud9 with 6,550.

Invictus Gaming isn’t the only Chinese team to prove that the LPL’s approach to the game can translate to the highest levels of League of Legends. The current champions, FunPlus Phoenix, also came from the region.


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