Infinite Esports reportedly owes $20 million prior to Immortals sale

By Olivia Richman


May 29, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

It was reported earlier this month that Immortals Gaming Club will most likely acquire Infinite Esports, the parent company of OpTic Gaming.

This was in response to Texas Esports looking to sell its stake of Infinite Esports for at least $150 million in January. Since then, Immortals has been in a bidding war with Chris Chaney and Hector “Hecz” Rodriguz.

While this could possibly provide a way for Immortals to join the LCS, it may not be as exciting an proposition as everyone once thought. A source has told Medium that Infinite Esports has a $20 million banknote due on May 31, 2019. And Infinite Esports was allegedly not aware of this.

A promissory note is a written promise by one party to another that includes a definite amount of money to be given on a specified date. The purpose of a promissory banknote is to help raise financing from other sources besides a bank.

According to Medium’s source, Infinite Esports had put up OpTic Gaming’s North American League of Legends franchise slot as collateral. So if the debt is not paid by the end of May, the bank will take the LCS spot and any other projects proposed in the note.

Immortals set to announce purchase of Infinite Esports by May 31

Medium has stated that Rodriguz and Chaney offered a “laughable” amount, when put into consideration that there’s already a “$20 million bill on the brand’s tab.”

This has made it even more likely that Immortals will instead acquire the organization. The purchase will mark the end of the OpTic Gaming brand.

Earlier in the month, Immortals had secured $30 million from investors. The very next day, they bought out Gamers Club, a Brazilian esports matchmaking service. Then the esports organization focused on OpTic, their ticket back into League of Legends and the LCS.

Immortals is well known in the esports industry for its Overwatch League team, Los Angeles Valiant, and MiBR, a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. The organization previously owned an LCS team as well.

In 2017, Immortals were denied a spot in the franchised LCS by Riot Games, in part as a result of the organization’s committment to the Overwatch League. While many are speculating that the Infinite Esports purchase will be the Immortals’ path back to the LCS, others aren’t so sure.

It will also create possible issues in other gaming titles.

The Overwatch League regulations don’t allow owners to have multiple teams in the OWL, which would most likely lead to the selling of OpTic’s OWL team, the Houston Outlaws. Then there’s the conflict of interest rules for CS:GO majors, which states that owners can’t have a financial interest in multiple competing teams.


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