indiefoxx is selling Twitch VODs as NFTs following Twitch ban

By Olivia Richman


Jul 8, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Despite her sixth ban from Twitch, Jenelle “indiefoxx” Dagres still hasn’t given up on profiting from the streaming platform. 

indiefoxx had helped to make the hot tub meta and ASMR metas grow on Twitch. A lot of people in the streaming community consistently called on Twitch to stop favoring the popular streamer and to give her harsher punishments for pushing the platform’s rules with her sexually suggestive content. 

But after a string of three-day bans for farting into microphones, writing subscriber names on her chest, and focusing cameras at her legging-clad behind, indiefoxx has finally been given a suspension that has yet to end. Her Twitch Parnter status was also removed. Since then, indiefoxx has removed her Twitch link from her Twitter bio. It’s unclear to the public how long the suspension will last or even the exact reason behind this recent punishment. 

But it seems that indiefoxx isn’t quite done with Twitch. 

indiefoxx has announced that she will be selling her Twitch VODs as NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. NFTs are units of data called a blockchain, representing a digitial item, often artwork. But in indiefoxx’s case, it will be clips of her Twitch streams. 

In a video addressed to her “simps,” indiefoxx claimed that many followers have asked about NFTs in the past. Now, indiefoxx has partnered with Eternal to create the desired NFTs. 

“They’re kind of like trading cards. Like Pokemon. But of top Twitch moments from yours truly,” indiefoxx explained. 

The controversial OnlyFans model added that the NFTs are “very limited.” Fans would be able to have “true digital ownership” of the videos. Trading the videos would give 10% of the money earned to indiefoxx. 

“This is a very limited and exclusive drop. I don’t have that many Twitch clips. Get your hands on these early or else you’re gonna miss out forever possibly,” indiefoxx said. 

What are indiefoxx NFT Twitch clips?

The available NFT Twitch clips are already available on indiefoxx’s creator page on Eternal’s website. Just as indiefoxx promised, the clips are SFW, meaning they aren’t inappropriate or sexual in any way. In fact, they don’t even include hot tub or ASMR clips. The clips are instead from indiefoxx’s IRL streams, including her skateboarding and singing exploits. 

It’s currently unclear if there will be more clips added to Eternal’s website later on or if indiefoxx will do further collaborations. 

The immediate reaction to indiefoxx’s announcement was generally positive. Fans called the collaboration “awesome” and commended indiefoxx on trying to explain something even if she “doesn’t fully understand yet.” Others unsurprisingly critiqued the banned Twitch streamer, calling her shameless and her fans “dumb.” 

Whether people think indiefoxx’s plan was dumb or not, the clips are already climbing in price. The asking price for many of the clips range from $100 to $300. 


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