Impact 2.2 brings Primogem codes, new character, banners

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Genshin Impact’s anniversary brings yet another gift for players.

miHoYo has revealed its plan for Genshin Impact’s 2.2 update. The livestream included info about upcoming characters along with a few codes that fans can redeem for free Primogems. Here is everything you need to know about Genshin 2.2.

Genshin Impact 2.2 stream Primogem codes

To redeem these codes, head to the Redeem Code section of the official Genshin Impact website. Select your region and enter your account information along with the code. All of them expire after a few days, so try to get them in as fast as you can.

The total rewards add up to 350 Primogems, just over two Wishes-worth. It also includes some Hero’s Wit, some Enhancement ores, and 500,000 Mora. 

  • LBNDKG8XDTND – 100 Primogems and 10 Enhancement Ores
  • NB6VKHQWVANZ – 100 Primogems and 5 Hero’s Wit
  • BSNUJGQFUTPM – 100 Primogems and 50,000 Mora
  • GENSHINGIFT – 50 Primogems and 3 Hero’s Wit

All of these codes will expire on October 4, so don’t waste time getting them in. The only exception is GENSHINGIFT, which has no listed expiration date. Between these Genshin codes and the 400 Primogem in-game mails, it seems miHoYo is trying to make amends for its lackluster anniversary rewards.

Genshin Impact 2.2 new characters and banners

Only one new character was shown off in the Genshin Impact 2.2 live stream.

Thoma is, as expected, a polearm-wielder with a Pyro vision. There are already two Pyro spear-users in Xiangling and Hu Tao, the latter of which is finally getting a well-deserved re-run banner in Genshin 2.2. 

Thoma differentiates himself by being a Pyro shield support. His elemental skill applies Pyro and summons samurai armor to block damage. Thoma’s elemental burst dishes out a ton of Pyro damage, which can be used by other party members. Overall, Thoma seems like an interesting cross between Xingqiu and Xinyan. It’s up to the community to decide if he’s worth building up for Spiral Abyss.

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Thoma will appear on a re-run for Moment of Bloom, Hu Tao’s banner. The fellow Pyro vision-user is a popular pick as a damage-dealer, but many fans are wondering if her signature weapon will appear with her.

Staff of Homa has become one of the most coveted five-star weapons in the game and is optimal on almost every spear-user. Childe’s banner Farewell of Shneznaya will also get a re-run in Genshin 2.2. This will be the third time he’s been available, the most of any limited five-star. Childe’s banner could substitute Signora, another Fatui Harbinger who did not survive the Inazuma story.

There’s no word on a playable Scaramouche yet, though he could wrap up the Inazuma banners before Sumeru.


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