How you can use Phoenix’s molotov on all maps without lineups

Fariha Bhatti • June 8, 20:58

Valorant’s most underrated duelist Pheonix is not just a self-sufficient entry, but he’s instrumental in post-plant situations, a new find proves. 

Twitch streamer AverageJonas has uncovered a secret Pheonix trick that can be game-changing. The fiery duelist’s molotov is one of the most impactful post-plant utility in Valorant if used correctly. 

Learning lineups can be hectic. No matter how much time you have, you can’t remember all the lineups in Valorant. The new trick discovered by AverageJonas will allow players to utilize his fire to the fullest on all maps without learning setups. 

The streamer explained that unlike other molotov agents like Viper and Brimstone, Phoenix doesn’t exactly need lineups to annihilate the defuser. Using the radar, players can squeeze full juice out of the duelist’s kit without spending hours in custom. Here’s how you can master Pheonix’s Hot Hands. 

  • Pheonix’s fire will always land within the range of the audio circle that briefly appears on the map each time you move. 
  • When you’re standing still, it’ll drop two-thirds of the overall gap within the ring. 
  • Using that circle as a guide, you can light your molotov on desired spots. 
  • Make sure you have aimed 30 degrees higher from the headshot angle. 
  • Stand still and throw the molotov. It’ll land precisely on top of your pinged location. 
  • When you’re throwing it while running, the fire will drop at the edge of the audio ring. 

The Pheonix players can quickly learn this tactic as it’s surprisingly forgiving if you aim higher or lower due to the vertical drop after a certain length. The fire will reach the pinged point if it’s under the circle’s radius. 

The trick should work just fine while still standing, but sometimes jumping may become necessary to throw the molotov over high walls and obstacles. For example, Ascent’s point A requires jump through whereas point B Spike can be defended while standing in the lobby. 

The post-plant meta has recently become incredibly intense, as observed during professional matches of Valorant Champions Tour: Masters 2. But, only a few agents could pull off the move smoothly, including Viper, Brimstone, and Killjoy. This new find will add Pheonix to the list of agents who make Attacker’s side lethal once the Spike has been planted. 


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