How to use the scanner in Atomic Heart?

By Melany Moncada


Feb 22, 2023

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There is one tool in Atomic Heart that you must master. This is the tool that will allow you to discover everything that is available around you for the taking. Here, we’ll teach you how to use the scanner in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart is one of the most anticipated titles coming out in 2023. Developed by Mundfish, Atomic Heart takes place in an alternate timeline during the year 1955. In this alternate reality, the Soviet Union defeated Germany using advanced robotic technology.

Players take on the role of Major Comrade Sergei Nechaev, also known as P-3, a mentally unstable soldier. P-3’s mission is to visit Facility 3826 and destroy the corrected robots that are threatening to take over.

In November, it was revealed the game would have a 2023 release date, despite having hinted it would drop in the winter of 2022.

So far, Atomic Heart has received positive reviews. Critics have praised the game’s aesthetic and visual aspects. The highlights are the robots and their intricate designs. Other aspects, like looting and the battles, also received praise. One element that has been criticized across multiple reviews is the main character himself. According to the reviewers, P-3’s foul mouth not only feels excessive but also out of time. Some of the phrases used do not belong in a 1950s setting.

What is the scanner in Atomic Heart?

To complete P-3’s mission, players have access to weapons and tools, like the scanner. It is a tool that allows players to scan their surroundings and uncover anything that could be hiding. The findings can go from enemies to chests with resources that players can loot.

How to use the scanner in Atomic Heart?

The controls for the scanner in Atomic Heart changed based on the platform.

For PlayStation, the in-game instructions can be confusing. The text reads, “Hold R1 + R1”. It can be misleading and interpreted as the need to hold two different buttons at the same time. The correct way to activate the scanner in PlayStation is to double tap R1 and hold it on the second tap. It will allow you to scan the area.

On Xbox, the activation is the same, but using the RB button instead.

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For PC, press down the ALT button to use the scanner. It is important to note that it will remain active for as long as you press the button.

When active, the scanner will reveal anything that might be available for you in the area. The findings are color-coded, so you can take action based on what it is that you encountered.

  • Red: An enemy unit, the scanner can uncover the enemy’s weakness, helping the players prepare a more effective attack.
  • Blue: A container with loot. Some of the items available in these containers are ammo, materials for crafting, health items, upgrades, and similar items.
  • White: Power lines, these are used for different objectives.
  • Purple: Items that are mandatory to advance through the game. Whenever players encounter a purple item, they must pick it up.

Atomic Heart is available now!


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