Player catching a pass in Madden NFL 23

How to throw a high, low, and touch pass in Madden NFL 23

By Steven Rondina


Aug 23, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Madden NFL 23 gives players an incredible amount of control over passing, and not just the basics. This includes the ability to make a high throw, low throw, and touch pass. Here’s how.

Players who boot up the game for the first time are greeted with the option to use three different passing systems. Included in that is the classic system, as well as two other options that offer ways to affect the type of pass that’s thrown. This allows players to manually control whether a pass is low and hard, high and floaty, and everything in between.

It’s a lot to take in all at once but for those who are looking to play multiplayer, it’s vital to learn the different quarterback controls. Here’s how to throw a high, low, and touch pass in Madden NFL 23.

How to pass high in Madden NFL 23

To do a high lob pass in Madden NFL 23, players need to tap the receiver icon and then let it go immediately. Players can also complete a high pass by holding down L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox before pressing the receiver icon.

The arc of a pass is controlled by how long a button is held down. The length of the button press for a pass actually works inversely to the length of the ball’s flight. Because of this, players need to quickly press and release the button in order to throw a looping, high-arc pass in Madden NFL 23.

A high pass is important for getting a ball over a defender playing tight coverage on the receiver. With a properly thrown high lob pass in Madden NFL 23, the receiver will be able to catch the ball and the defender won’t have the angle to deflect it.

How to do a low pass in Madden NFL 23

Madden NFL 23 players can throw a low pass by pressing and holding the receiver button, or by holding L2 on PlayStation or LT on Xbox while hitting the receiver icon.

By pressing and holding the receiver icon button, the quarterback will perform a bullet pass. This is a low-angle, hard pass designed to make it to the receiver as quickly as possible. When properly executed, a bullet pass can thread the needle between coverage or can give a receiver an extra split second of time to get extra yardage after the reception.

It’s worth noting that a bullet pass in Madden NFL 23 does have a lower chance of being successfully caught. Depending on the stats of both the quarterback and receiver, the catcher of the ball may have a harder time reeling in a bullet pass than a softer throw. To remedy that, a touch pass can be used in certain circumstances.

How to do a touch pass in Madden NFL 23

A touch pass can be done in Madden NFL 23 by holding the receiver button for longer. 

A touch pass in football is a pass that is quick but has a relatively high arc. This is meant to have it fly over and out of reach of defenders near the line, but still have the ball in the receiver’s hands quickly.

In Madden NFL 23, the height of the pass is controlled by how long the button is pressed down. Holding the button down for a long while will result in a low, hard bullet pass. Tapping the button and letting it go will result in a floating lob pass. Doing something in the middle will do a touch pass.

To perform a touch pass in Madden NFL 23, press the receiver button for a split second then let go. Getting the timing might be a bit tricky and it may be hard for newcomers to lose the instinct to just hold the button down, but it’s a vitally important tool for any Madden player.


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