How to start trading in CSGO

By William Davis


Nov 23, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Trading in CSGO can be quite difficult, especially for those starting out. It’s still a worthwhile endeavor, though. 

A lot of people still do it for its enjoyable and potentially immensely profitable aspects. Not only that, but trading also lets you builds up the number of trades tally on Steam, which is displayed on users’ profiles and can be used to gain trust and reputation in the trading community.

The most important thing is to figure out if the opposite party that you’re trading with is legitimate or not, and that can only be figured out by the customer reviews on the platform. To make it easier, here’s a list of the best CSGO trading sites to date. Every site on this list has excellent reviews and ratings from customers.

Making a small investment of around $10 to $20 before you start trading is recommended, though more does provide a stronger start. This investment should be in the form of currency on a trading site, or Steam credits that can be used to purchase skins from the Steam Marketplace that can then be flipped. It is also recommended not to waste these credits on CSGO cases, as loot boxes are almost always a money-losing endeavor. 

Make sure to buy an item that is in-demand, as it is significantly easier to liquidate a skin that many people are interested in. Another key point to keep in mind is to gather all the information you can about the market before you jump into it. You need to be familiar with all the prices, as well as which items are trending upwards. Knowing this is the best way to make a profit on transactions. 

Another recommendation is to actually play the game. Having a strong familiarity with the game itself offers a completely different degree of insight when it comes to the items that you’re dealing with.

There are many that you can make use of before getting into the CSGO business. CSGO Exchange helps you look at inventory value, phases of items, and search for specific items on the Steam Marketplace. Steam reputation is very important as it lets you look at someone’s reputation score, which is useful for filtering out scammers and untrustworthy people. Always look at the person’s reputation before accepting or organizing a trade.

With that said, we wish you luck in your trading journey.