How to see invisible enemies with a Sentry Torch in Elden Ring

By Nicholas James


Apr 5, 2022

Reading time: 1 min

The Sentry Torch is a unique weapon in Elden Ring that can be used to see invisible enemies.

Invisible enemies are incredibly frustrating. There are several tough foes and items in Elden Ring, and the Sentry Torch can make short work of such challenges. Here’s how to get it and the best way to use it.

How to find the Sentry Torch in Elden Ring

The Sentry Torch can be purchased from the Hermit Merchant’s Shack in Leyndell, near the northwestern entrance past the first walls. It’s available for purchase through the titular merchant therein for 7,000 runes.

It’s a worthwhile purchase for those looking to make late-game discoveries and combat easier. In particular, this will help to discover invisible Treasure Scarabs who wheel around Ashes of War and other rewards, as well as invisible enemies like Black Knife Assassins.

There are multiple invisible Black Knife Assassins found throughout the game. One of the ones fans are most likely to encounter is in Ordina, Liturgical Town. In order to lower a seal at the top of the town, players need to enter an evergaol. During this time, you will be attacked by an invisible Black Knife Assassin. The Sentry Torch will help make this fight much more manageable. It can also reveal hidden loot items, like the powerful Seppuku Ash of War found in the Consecrated Snowfield.

This isn’t the only useful torch item in Elden Ring either, with the Beast-Repellent Torch being able to push back canine, bird, and other wild enemies in fear of its flames. This can be found at the Isolated Merchant in Dragonbarrow for a mere 1,200 runes. Another, St. Trina’s Torch, can be used to put enemies to sleep, opening them up for great amounts of damage.