How to play online pokies for real money in 2022

By William Davis


Aug 27, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

Pokies is a common nickname for slot machines, but gamblers from across the world have somehow never heard the term.

If you’re an Aussie, you’re probably already aware of this phenomenon. Pokies refers to the kinds of gambling games Americans would call slots. The classic gambling game is a must-have at casinos, and online gamling services have taken strides to replicate the experience at home. Many gambling sites offer slots for real money with games just a few clicks away. Experienced pokies players know that it’s tough to make money in the long run, but many value the game for its entertainment factor.

Pokies in person can be fun, but the simple nature of the game makes it well-suited to play at home or on the go. Finding a good place on the internet to play pokies can be tough, but this article will provide a list of good potential options. All of the pokies sites listed here are licensed and monitored by their respective licensing countries. They all offer numerous bonus options, banking options, and pokies selection through their digital casinos.

Best Casino Pokies Online

It’s not hard to find places to play pokies online, and beginners may feel overwhelmed by the variety of options. Here’s a short list of four desktop pokies games that offer safe real money betting.

Miss Kitty is the best land-based pokie

Despite its simple nature, Miss Kitty remains favorite among pokie players both online and in-person. Although one of the older titles, Miss Kitty has several payline options and fully custom reels to change things up. The unique fish mechanic makes it easier to break even on spins, which keeps Miss Kitty a top pokies game more than a decade after its creation.

300 Shields Extreme has the best multipliers

When it comes to big wins, few pokies games can compare to 300 Shields Extreme. The multiplier can be boosted all the way up to 300 in the newest version of the game. 300 Shields Extreme is effectively a sequel to the first 300 Shields pokie machine. However, the newer version brings new mechanics and graphics to spice up the experience. For instance, five wild symbols were equal to 100 points in the first game, but lucky players can earn up to 2,500 in the newer version.

High-stakes pokies fans should try Davinci Diamonds Masterworks

Game designer IGT honors the Renaissance master by displaying three of Leonardo da Vinci’s works in this game. His self-portrait, the Mona Lisa, and La Bella Principessa mark the reels in this online pokies. High-stakes players can bet up to $1,200 a spin. This helps make Davinci Diamond Masterworks one of the most exciting and best-looking pokies on the internet.

Wizard Wicked Riches is a great themed pokie

There are many Wizard of Oz-themed pokies on the net, Wizard Wicked Riches is among the very best. These reels feature Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, and even the Wicked Witch of the West herself.  Like Miss Kitty, Wicked Riches is a common sight at both online and offline casinos.

How to play pokies on mobile for real money

Mobile and online gambling is the fastest growing type of gambling in Australia. Pokies is keeping up, and there are dozens of websites that offer pokies for mobile devices with real money on the line. However, it’s still a new area and technology is moving fast. Here’s where to find the best mobile pokies service for you. 

  • Free pokies application on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Social pokies casinos on mobile browsers
  • Mobile pokies with real money operated by casinos 

The different types of pokies explained

Pokies is a simple game, but the different variations and gimmicks can make things confusing for newer players. Here’s some of the common terms people use with pokies explained. 

  • Three reel slots are your classic slot machine commonly seen at real casinos. They are the easiest to understand, but also tend to have the fewest features.
  • Five reel pokies are the most popular type of machine. They have multiple pay lines and come with options like bonus games, free games, multipliers, and more.
  • Progressive jackpot pokies offer grand prizes that grow with the number of players playing them. As a result, the jackpot amount can change over time.
  • Vegas pokies are online pokie machines based on games you could only play at Las Vegas casinos. Vegas slots are popular across the world.
  • Fruit machines are similar to the classic three reel pokies you’ll find in pubs. Fruit machines feature fruit-themed symbols and sometimes feature strategies such as nudges and hold.
  • 3D pokie machines are pokies that feature three-dimensional images and cutscenes. These games are a hit with a certain crowd, though some claim that they cause motion sickness.
  • Bonus pokies feature games that can be activated when you hit certain symbols or randomly. The games include free spins, shell games, spinning wheels, and many others.

There’s a massive list of options for online pokies in New Zealand and Australia, and this list of terms only scratches the surface of what some services can provide. This also doesn’t go over all the unique traits of playing pokies in person, but it should be enough to find an online pokies game that’s right for you.