How to open the Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

By Melany Moncada


Feb 8, 2023

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Hogwarts Legacy is full of secrets and side quests that players can complete to get extra gold. One of the secrets is the Eye Chests that can be found around the castle. Each chest grants 500 gold, so here is how to open the Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Eye Chests are hidden in plain sight, and they reward you with 500 gold. This is a significant amount, especially at the beginning of the game when you are trying to get resources.  The Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy are difficult to recognize at first, but they are hidden all around the environment. The chests are white with gold details and one big eye in the center.

While the chests are easy to access, you cannot just open them. Approaching the Eye Chests will startle them and make any interaction impossible.

Eye Chests Hogwarts Legacy

Spell to open Eyes Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

In order to safely approach the Eye Chests, you need the Disillusionment spent. You learn this spell on the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest, which is part of the main story. This is one of the early quests in the game.

The Disillusionment spell turns the player invisible, so you can approach the chest without being detected. Standing in front of the chest will prompt a command that allows you to open it. Keep in mind that you must activate the spell away from the chest. If you activate it too close to the chest, the command to open it won’t show up.

Eye Chests locations in Hogwarts Legacy

There are ten Eye Chests in total around Hogwarts. Players can earn up to 5,000 Galleons by just finding the chests. You can search for the Eye Chests in any order, and the only condition required to open them is knowing the Disillusionment spell.

The first chest is located in the basement of the Restricted Section. You go through this area during the Secrets of the Restricted Section quests, making it the best time to put your newly learned spell to the test.

In the greenhouse annexed to the library, you can find a second chest. Go down the spiral staircase that is next to the tree.

Eye Chest locations in Hogwarts Legacy

The next one can be found on the Grand Staircase. Locate the Kelpie Statue that is on the lower side of the staircase, close to the Slytherin Common Room. Head to the viaduct courtyard, where you will find the next chest. From the fast travel point, go up the stairs.

Another chest is hidden in the spiral staircase that is connected to the Bell Tower. On the Bell Tower courtyard, find the Floo Flames teleporter. On the right, you can see steps that lead to a corridor where another chest is waiting. A chest is on the North exit of the school, reentering should lead you to it. Using the fast travel point from the Flying Class Lawn, you can find a chest at the top of the steps that lead to the school.

The final two chests can be found in the Astronomy wing. One is in the bathroom inside Professor Fig’s classroom. The final one is on the second floor in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower.


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