Hogwarts Legacy puzzle: How to solve the Arthimancy doors

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 8, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Hogwarts Legacy is making waves on Twitch, and it’s not surprising. The game is visually appealing, but solving the Arithmancy puzzle doors is less fun. But we got you!

Remember the eagle door knocker in the Harry Potter series? The riddles were simple yet complex, and something similar has made its way to Hogwarts Legacy. Except this time, the doors are locked with puzzles. In order to play Hogwarts Legacy, more than just knowledge of the magical world is required. You must be good at basic math! 

The Arithmancy puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy require simple calculations. Each door has a different answer, but the formula for all is the same. We have cracked the code, so you can bag some rare loot and unlock doors in Hogwarts Legacy. 

How to solve the Hogwarts Legacy door puzzle

Each Hogwarts Legacy door is engraved with unique symbols synonymous with whole numbers. Players must be familiar with symbols and the formula to solve the door puzzle. 

Here are all the symbols and what they mean:

Hogwarts Legacy Arithmancy sheet

We’ll take the example of the Central Hall puzzle, which can be found near the Potions Classroom fast travel point. This door has two-part puzzles. Let’s take a look at the first part to understand the formula. The door says: 11 + Goat symbol + (?) = 21

Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle Doors

What number is required to get 21 as an answer after adding 11 with 2 (Goat symbol)? In this equation, the answer is the Spider, as it means the number 8.

So, for each door, you must figure out the missing symbol. Once you crack the formula, you can open all doors in Hogwarts Legacy without learning the answers. If you’re looking to win with flying colors, these Arithmancy doors are crucial to unlocking as they reward you with rare items.

Location of all Arithmancy doors in Hogwarts Legacy with answers

  • Ravenclaw Tower: Ravenclaw corridor. The answer is Owl and Spider.
  • Grand Staircase Tower: Grand Staircase area. The answer is Squid and Lizard. 
  • Grand Staircase: Grand Staircase fast travel point. The answer is Beast-like owl (0) and Spider.
  • Library Annex: Divination Classroom, rafters above Central Hall. The answer is Owl and Snake.
  • Library Annex 2: Inside Library Annex. The answer is Owl and Spider. 
  • Library Annex 3: Inside Library Annex. The answer is Lizard and Unicorn.
  • Central Hall: Potions Classroom fast travel point. The answer is Spider and Snake.
  • Long Gallery: Potions Classroom, downstairs. The answer is Goat and Unicorn. 
  • Astronomy Wing: Astronomy Wing, behind the Charms Classroom. The answer is Goat and Squid.
  • The Great Hall: The answer is Spider and Snake. 
  • Faculty Tower: South Wing area after completing “The Caretakers Lunar Lament.” The answer is Beast-like owl and Sea Monster.