How to get Rocket League rewards by watching the RLCS

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 11, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Rocket League fans are getting a nice bonus for tuning into this year’s RLCS.

Developer Psyonix has brought back fan rewards for this year’s Rocket League Championship Series. Players can earn brand-new Rocket League skins and accessories for free just by spectating competitive matches. Here’s how to get Rocket League rewards from the RLCS, and what you might earn in the process.

To qualify for RLCS fan rewards, you have to link your Twitch account to the official Rocket League website. Click here to get a prompt to connect the accounts. You’ll need to specify which platform you play on, but that doesn’t change which fan rewards you’ll receive.

Not all Rocket League streams have fan rewards enabled. Only official RLCS Twitch streams will count towards fan rewards. To find eligible streams, look for official RLCS social media announcements. Twitch will notify you once you’ve watched enough Rocket League esports to qualify. It usually takes an hour to get your first drop, and additional drops can be had after several hours of viewing time. Once that happens, go to your Twitch inventory and claim your rewards.

Rocket League fan rewards for 2021

Fans have plenty of incentive to watch the Rocket League Championship Series. The fan rewards for 2021-2022 Rocket League Fall include several skins, decals, goal celebrations, player banners, and more. Below are all the new wheels available from the RLCS fan rewards program.

If you’re looking to trick out your car’s body, there are many new decals to choose from. None of the RLCS reward skins feature any esports team brandings, but they’re all sleek, polished, and ready to be shown off in-game. The exact reward should be revealed during the stream, so keep an eye out to get the Rock League reward you want.


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