Stardew Valley Hardwood

How to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

By Olivia Richman


Apr 11, 2024

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Hardwood is one of the most useful and versatile resources in Stardew Valley. You’ll need it for a lot of different things as you progress through the game, so you’ll definitely want to harvest as much as you can. While important, hardwood can be a bit tricky to find so we are here to help.

Stardew Valley came out back in 2016 and there have been a lot of updates since then. These updates have included additional methods for getting Hardwood but also more recipes that call for this resource. Here are the different ways you can find and obtain Hardwood.

How to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

Hardwood is gathered by chopping down various plants. These include:

  • Mahogany Trees
  • Large Stumps
  • Large Logs
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If you come across a Mahogany Tree, you’ll need to chop it down with an Axe (any type will do). You won’t just suddenly stumble upon this tree, however. You have to plant it yourself and then wait for it to grow. That can be a bit time consuming but planting a patch of Mahogany Trees can become very convenient in the end.

To grow a Mahogany Tree, you’ll need Mahogany Seeds. Shake or chop down a Mahogany Tree or dig up a Mahogany Seed from nearby. They can also be retried from Golden Coconuts found on Ginger Island or Slimes in the Secret Woods. If you find the Island Trader, give him a Stingray for a Mahogany Seed.

Large Stumps will need to be chopped down with a Copper Axe or stronger. A Large Log will require a Steel Axe or better.

You can find Large Stumps in the Secret Woods near the Cindersnap Forest. Six Large Stumps will respawn each day so you are guaranteed 12 pieces of Hardwood daily. The first time you find the Secret Woods, you’ll need to chop down the Large Log that’s blocking your path, which requires a Steel Axe.

Select the Forest Map as another way to find Hardwood consistently. It’s full of Large Stumps that will respawn if you don’t have any buildings or structures in that area.

Hardwood crafting recipes

You don’t need Hardwood at the start of Stardew Valley but this material becomes very important later on. A lot of crafting recipes will begin calling for it. Here are the most common crafting recipes that require Hardwood.

Carved BrazierBuy From Carpenter’s Shop (2000g)1 x Coal 10 x Hardwood
CaskPart of Farmhouse Cellar Upgrade1 x Hardwood 20 x Wood
Cheese PressLevel 6 Farming1 x Copper Bar 10 x Hardwood 45 x Stone 45 x Wood
Cork BobberLevel 7 Fishing5 x Hardwood 10 x Slime 10 x Wood
Hardwood FenceLevel 6 Farming1 x Hardwood
Heavy TapperBuy From Mr. Qi (20 Qi Gems)1 x Radioactive Bar 30 x Hardwood
HopperBuy From Mr. Qi (50 Qi Gems)1 x Iridium Bar 1 x Radioactive Bar 10 x Hardwood
Mini-ObeliskSpecial Order from the Wizard3 x Gold Bar 20 x Solar Essence 30 x Hardwood
Oil MakerLevel 8 Farming1 x Gold Bar 20 x Hardwood 50 x Slime
Ostrich IncubatorGet from Professor Snail20 x Cinder Shard 50 x Bone Fragment 50 x Hardwood
Rain TotemLevel 9 Foraging1 x Truffle Oil 1 x Hardwood 5 x Pine Tar
Stump BrazierBuy From Carpenter’s Shop (800g)1 x Coal 5 x Hardwood
Warp Totem: BeachLevel 6 Foraging1 x Hardwood 2 x Coral 10 x Fiber
Warp Totem: DesertBuy from Desert Trader (10 Iridium Bars)1 x Coconut 2 x Hardwood 4 x Iridium Ore
Warp Totem: FarmLevel 8 Foraging1 x Honey 1 x Hardwood 20 x Fiber
Warp Totem: IslandBuy in Volcano Shop (10,000g)1 x Dragon Tooth 1 x Ginger 5 x Hardwood
Warp Totem: MountainsLevel 7 Foraging1 x Iron Bard 1 x Hardwood 25 x Stone
Worm BinLevel 8 Fishing1 x Gold Bard 1 x Iron Bar 25 x Hardwood 50 x Fiber

Hardwood quests in Stardew Valley

There are some quests you’ll encounter during your journey that will also require Hardwood. Here are the quests that you’ll need Hardwood to complete:

  • Robin’s Request – Collect 10 Hardwood in exchange for 500g and 1 x Friendship Heart
  • Robin’s Project – Collect 80 Hardwood in exchange for 2,000g and a recipe for the Deluxe Red Double Bed
  • Players need 200 Hardwood to repair the outer hull of Willy’s Boat
  • Woodskip wants10 Hardwood to increase the size of the Fish Pond from 1 to 3
  • Increase the Fish Pond from 5 to 7 with Hardwood


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