How to get Escape From Tarkov Twitch drops

By Nicholas James


Feb 21, 2022

Reading time: 1 min

Hardcore multiplayer shooter Escape From Tarkov’s rewards for watching live streams have been a huge hit. Here’s how to get Escape From Tarkov Twitch drops.

Escape From Tarkov Twitch drops aren’t always enabled, but developer Battlestate Games regularly opens up the drops system throughout a year. Here’s how to get Escape From Tarkov Twitch drops by linking your Twitch account to your Battlestate games account.

How to get Escape From Tarkov Twitch drops

To be rewarded for watching Escape From Tarkov streams, you need to link both the Twitch account you’ll be using to watch the streams with the Battlestate Games account that you want to receive the rewards. Follow these steps to unlock the Twitch drops:

  • Go to Escape From Tarkov’s website
  • Sign into your Escape From Tarkov account
  • Make sure you’re also signed into Twitch
  • Head to your Battlestate Games profile
  • Select “Link Twitch account” from the menu on the right

From there, the eligible streams to collect rewards vary depending on the restrictions of the given Twitch drops event. In the most recent event, most of the rewards were only available through a Battlestate Games-approved list for most days, with two days allowing fans to watch any stream in the Escape From Tarkov Twitch category to collect rewards.

What can you get from Twitch drops?

The types of supplies and the consistency between them has varied widely through Tarkov’s lifespan. Even when the community has complained about lower quality drops, there are still some serious prizes available. From Labs keycards to quest items and highly sought-after components like graphics cards, there’s always something worth testing your luck for.

Most fans will turn on an approved stream, mute it, and go about their day collecting rewards. This is a win-win for Battlestate Games and the streamers, inflating Tarkov’s numbers during the period.