How to get and build Xiangling, Genshin’s top-tier cook prodigy

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 19, 2022

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You can learn how to get Xiangling and build her to perfection with our Genshin Impact guide.

Xiangling may just be one of many four-star characters, but learning how to get and build her can greatly improve the Genshin Impact experience. The firebrand chef is easily among the most powerful characters thanks to her excellent pyro application and easy build path. Here’s how to get Xiangling and build her correctly in Genshin Impact.

How to get Xiangling in Genshin Impact

Xiangling is available on all banners as a random four-star reward. If you particularly want many constellations for Xiangling, it would be wise to wait for her to appear as a featured four-star on an upcoming five-star banner.

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There’s also a simple way to get Xiangling for free. Clear floor three in the Spiral Abyss to claim a free Xiangling. You don’t have to three-star every chamber, just clearing the final section will grant her. If you already have her from the gacha, you will instead get a free constellation upgrade for her. Genshin Impact beta testers were allowed to vote on one character to be given out in the Spiral Abyss. Xiangling won the People’s Choice award, so now everyone gets her for free if they follow these simple steps.

How to build Xiangling as an amazing pyro support or DPS

Learning how to build Xiangling is all about understanding her ultimate. Pyronado is an 80-energy burst that creates a spinning wheel of fire around the active character. Guoba is a mediocre skill.

The best artifact set for a Xiangling support build is Noblesse Oblige. Prioritize energy recharge and pyro damage for the main stats. If you already have a Noblesse Oblige carrier, Lavawalker works as an alternative.

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Xiangling is often considered a top-tier sub DPS thanks to her elemental burst Pyronado. The ability applies pyro to several enemies at once while disabling smaller enemies makes it strong. It particularly shines against bigger targets like Mitachurls and Fatui Agents. By applying pyro so frequently, Pyronado sets up tons of damaging elemental reactions along with doing great damage all by itself. 

In addition to being a strong support, Xiangling can also function reasonably well as a budget main DPS. Dragon’s Bane deals bonus damage against enemies affected by pyro, which should be most enemies up against Xiangling. Crescent Pike is also a good choice, as Xiangling makes a ton of elemental particles. For artifacts, Shimenawa’s Reminiscence cuts into energy recharge but provides a massive attack boost. Gladiator’s Finale also works well.

What is Xiangling’s lore in Genshin Impact?

At first glance, Xiangling is a pretty simple character. She is a chef who works at Wanwin Restuarant in the city of Liyue. Xiangling is a human who has trained in the culinary arts since a young age. She doesn’t have any special powers outside of her pyro vision and cooking skills. Still, she is highly respected as a cook in Liyue despite her penchant for using strange ingredients. She also illegally hunts in Monstadt, which is how the Traveler first meets her.

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Things start to get more complicated when it comes to her eternal companion Guoba. The strange-looking teddy bear is actually the inert body of the ancient deity Marchosius, often called the Stove God. The Stove God worked alongisde early Liyue civilization to keep people safe, happy, and well-fed. After a devastating war, he used his remaining power to revitalize the land and restore order. Now he has lost all his memories and intellect and lives as a simple traveling companion.


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