How to get a pentakill with just one Q from Mordekaiser

By Christian Vejvad


May 31, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Wombo combos in League of Legends can be very satisfying to watch and this Mordekaiser pentakill is no exception. 

In a recent trending clip on social media, a Mordekaiser gets a pentakill with just a single Obliterate (Q). He was helped tremendously by an allied Diana, who managed to land a five-man Moonfall (R) to line up the opposing team perfectly. With the help from Diana, the Mordekaiser was able to press his Q once and see himself rewarded with the pentakill of a lifetime. 

The pentakill occurred 20 minutes into the game, where the Mordekaiser was seemingly already very strong. This allowed the duo to play very aggressively despite being involved in a two-on-five situation in the mid lane. After the enemy team started to engage, the five clumped up a bit too much which gave the go signal for Diana. 

In a quick combo, Diana landed the dream ultimate which pulled all five enemies into a perfect position. The only thing Mordekaiser had to do was press his Q, and so he did. The damage from Diana was enough to burst all enemies down to about half health, which was low enough for Mordekaiser to finish them all off at once. 

The game ended just eight minutes after, with a clear victory for Mordekaiser and Diana’s team. The Mordekaiser ended the game with a scoreline of 35 kills and no deaths. The pentakill was just a small sample of the kills that Mordekaiser got in that game.

It’s likely going to be a while before the Mordekaiser will have such a successful game again. 

Dark Star Mordekaiser

Is Mordekaiser good in LoL season 11? 

So far in season 11, Mordekaiser has been a solid pick in solo queue. His strength in solo queue is often hard for players to deal with, as Mordekaiser is a great champion in one-on-one scenario. This suits a solo queue playstyle perfectly, but he is rarely picked for professional play. 

In Platinum ranks and higher, Mordekaiser is sitting at a 50.32% win rate in the top lane. This win rate is perfectly average, especially considering how often he gets picked. Unless Riot decides to tone down the Iron Revenant, he will likely continue to be a good champion for climbing the ladder.  


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