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How to find Auriza Hero’s Grave and get all its best items

By Steven Rondina


Jul 29, 2022

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The hero graves are arguably the worst part of Elden Ring. and Auriza Hero’s Grave is among the most terrible of them.

The chariot areas of Elden Ring stink. The game itself is built around exploration, intense battles, and effectively building up a character. The various hero graves basically throw all of that out the window by instead revolving around an effectively unstoppable robot that runs the player over and almost certainly kills them outright.

This isn’t a new mechanic in FromSoftware games. Dark Souls 2 had the Executioner’s Chariot, and there have been plenty of levels where players need to run up a hill and dodge boulders rolling down. But rarely did any of those guarantee death for a small mistake the way Elden Ring’s hero graves do.

Still, the reward for completing a hero’s grave is too much to pass up in most cases. Auriza Hero’s Grave is no different, and Elden Ring players that endure its misery can look forward to some great rewards.

How to reach Auriza Hero’s Grave in Elden Ring

Auriza Hero’s Grave is found on the capital outskirts, to the northeast of Leyndell. While many dungeons and caves are hard to find, that’s not the case here. The entrance to the grave is a chapel standing in an otherwise flat, clear area. Players can take an elevator down deep below ground to start their journey through the grave.

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Players having trouble finding it just need to go to the minor Erdtree directly north of Leyndell. A path near the minor Erdtree forks, with one path leading to a bridge that goes into Leyndell and one leading down to the ground along the capital’s walls. Keep following the path to find Auriza Hero’s Grave.

How to destroy the chariots in Auriza Hero’s Grave

To destroy the chariots in Auriza Hero’s Grave, players need to drop down across a series of railings past the two-laned ramp.

The gimmick of Auriza Hero’s Grave is that it doesn’t just have one chariot for Elden Ring players to deal with. It has three. Two share the early lanes in the dungeon, letting players sidestep them while dodging skeleton arrows. A third one pops up beyond this place, almost forcing players to drop down to a series of railings.

The trick to this area is a pillar that spits fire. Hitting it causes it to grow taller, which changes the summoning circle location. Strike it and quit out of the game to return to the SIte of Grace. Head out and the third chariot will spawn along the path followed by the first two chariots, causing the three of them to crash into one another and explode.

Auriza Hero’s Grave rewards, items

Auriza Hero’s Grave has a variety of weapons and armor for players to collect, with some extra lore on top of it. There are two useful weapon sets and a talisman that is situationally useful. Here’s what Elden Ring players can look forward to in Auriza Hero’s Grave.

Crucible Axe armor set 

One of the Crucible Knight armor sets can be found by defeating the dungeon’s boss, Crucible Knight Ordovis. This is a great set for those who like Erdtree incantations, as the full set increases the strength of Aspects of the Crucible spells by 15%. The boss also drops his sword, Ordovis’s Greatsword, which has a powerful AOE weapon skill and scaling that works well with strength-faith builds.

Tree Sentinel armor set

The Crucible Axe set isn’t the only one that can be found in Auriza Hero’s Grave. Destroying the chariots drops a Tree Sentinel armor set and the Holy Ground Ash of War.

Golden Epitaph

This sword is found behind an imp statue, requiring one Stonesword Key to unlock. The Golden Epitaph is tailor-made for destroying undead enemies even with light investment in faith thanks to the weapon skill Last Rites.

Crucible Feather Talisman

This talisman is great for low-vitality builds, improving the invincibility frames of rolling by six at the theoretical cost of defense. The item is found near an Omen in a small room, which makes for a challenging encounter.


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