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How to find and use the Fortnite Thunder Spear

by | Apr 14, 2023

Reading Time: 2 min.
Reading Time: 2 min.

The Attack on Titan Fortnite event has introduced two important new items in the ODM gear and the Thunder Spear weapon, so here’s how to put the Thunder Spear to good use.

The Thunder Spear is a new Mythic Item in Fortnite added to the game by the Attack on Titan event that coincides with the release of several Attack on Titan skins. The Thunder Spear is a rocket launcher-type weapon that allows players to jump into the air and release a quick-moving rocket that can stick to a target on impact before detonating.

Where to find the Thunder Spear in Fortnite

The new launcher can be found in Scout Regiment Footlockers, a special type of chest scattered throughout the world. It can also be found on the ground as a standard loot spawn, just like most items in Fortnite. The Scout Regiment Footlockers are in pre-determined locations and have a chance of spawning every match. Not every Scout Regiment Footlocker will load in at the start of any given game, so be willing to check multiple locations. All of the biomes have Scout Regiment Footlockers, but the snowy biome in the northeast has the least by a fair margin.

ODM Gear Fortnite map
Source: Fortnite.GG

The launcher is a two-shot capacity gun with several unique features. Firstly, when firing the spear, the player will leap into the air before firing, causing them to have to change their aim to compensate for this. Firing the weapon also causes the player to float in the air for longer than normal and can be used to dodge shots or pop out of cover if used well. In order to use it best, aim to cause splash damage in confined spaces rather than aiming for direct hits. The new launcher deals tons of damage to structures, and can be a great way to send enemies camping on a rooftop tumbling to their deaths.

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