How to ensure a win on Ascent using Sova’s shock bolt

Fariha Bhatti • March 21, 06:23

Sova may belong from the passive category of Initiators, but he’s a jack of all trades. The agent can utilize his arrows to slay defenders lurking around the Spike and scout enemies. 

Sova is equipped with multi-purpose arrows that help him gather intel and stun enemies. Due to his varied kit, the agent has become a kingpin in most professional Valorant teams. Almost all top-tier Valorant teams opt for Sova in most maps. In the past few months, Sova’s pick rate has skyrocketed, edging past the likes of Raze, Jett, and Reyna. Thanks to his balanced kit, the agent has become the primary pick of players in competitive games. 

He may not have a molotov like Viper and Brimstone to protect Spike, but his arrows make him serviceable in post-plant situations. Here’s how you can deal with defusers using Sova’s shock dart. 

To successfully knock out the defenders around Spike on B site, you’ll need two shock bolts to land on the bomb simultaneously. Timing the two arrows together can be a bit tricky. For the first lineup, stand at the corner of the shelter and aim at the intersection of the tower’s third window. Load up a single bounce, fill up the bar to the second charge and shoot the arrow. 

Instantly line up the other bolt to make sure they land together. For the second arrow, move to the front of the house and place your crosshair at the corner where the tree and tower meet. Activate single bounce and load up the charge to two bars and shoot the bolt. The two arrows will land left and right, electrifying the enemy working on the Spike. 

A site’s lineup is comparatively simpler. Stand on top of the coping and align your crosshair with the wall’s corner. Place your aim at the grey area of the fissure. A simple left click should send the enemies running for their lives. Use two bolts to stun anyone defusing the Spike on A site. 

This is how the two lineups should look: 

Who’s the best agent in Valorant?

According to, Jett is dominating the charts followed by Sage and Reyna. However, in professional games, Sova and Omen are the top picks of some of the best teams in Europe and North America. The two agents have a low pick rate in competitive lobbies but remain the ultimate heroes in Valorant professional games. 


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