How to deal with Switch error codes 2137-7502 and 2124-5210

By Steven Rondina


Dec 7, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The Nintendo Switch is a great console, but the hardware is rife with error codes that can disrupt online play or prevent players from even getting started on it. Included in those are Nintendo Switch error codes 2137-7502 and 2124-5210.

Often, these error codes can be fixed by the user, either by playing with their console closer to their router or by deactivating some wireless devices that are interfering with the signal. Other times though, the fault really does lie with Nintendo and either its servers or its shotty, out-of-date netcode.

Here are some important Nintendo Switch online error codes and what you can do to fix them.

What is Nintendo Switch error code 2124-5210?

Nintendo Switch error code 2124-5210 indicates that there is an issue related to Nintendo Switch Online accounts.

What precisely causes 2124-5210 errors is uncertain. These errors have typically impacted multiple games at the same time, so if a player encounters this error code while playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they’re also likely to encounter the same message if they try and play some matches in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. 

How to fix Switch error code 2124-5210

There is nothing players can do to fix error code 2124-5210, as this indicates an issue with Nintendo’s services rather than anything related to the player.

In all likelihood, this error message indicates that something is malfunctioning on Nintendo’s side of things that is preventing the user from getting online. All the player can do is sit and wait for Nintendo to fix things.

Regardless of which game this is encountered in, there’s nothing that the player can do to fix things or make the game playable online faster. Well, unless they actually work for Nintendo.

What is Nintendo Switch error code 2137-7502?

Nintendo Switch error code 2137-7502 indicates an outage related to Nintendo Switch Online or Nintendo eShop accounts.

This error code can pop up for a number of different reasons ranging from server outages with Nintendo to an overwhelming number of players trying to access the same service at the same time. Error code 2137-7502 most likely isn’t anything serious, but players may need to actually take action in order to fix it if the problems persist.

How to fix error code 2137-7502

In most cases, the only way to deal with Nintendo Switch error code 2137-7502 is to wait and try again later.

It is unlikely that players can do anything to actually make this error code go away sooner. As with 2124-5210, this error code is primarily associated with issues with Nintendo’s online services rather than anything the player is doing.

However, there could be more serious issues related to error code 2137-7502 for Nintendo Switch players. It’s recommended that players consult Nintendo’s official network status website to see if there has been an outage. If this persists for an extended period of time and the error code does not coincide with a confirmed outage related to Nintendo Switch Online or the Nintendo eShop, players may need to reach out to Nintendo in order to have their account fixed.


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