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How to complete Starfield’s All That Money Can Buy mission

By Olivia Richman


Sep 15, 2023

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If you are looking for some espionage in Starfield, you need to take on the All That Money Can Buy quest. Join Walter on a mission to Neon to try and get a piece of the Artifact and free the Constellation from a corporate competitor.

Here’s how to complete this main mission.

Step One: Talk to Walter

When you’re in The Lodge, Walter will ask to speak to you about a “quick and easy” job he has for you. Go with him to Neon City, located on Volii Alpha, and then head into the city to find the Stroud-Ekland Headquarters to find his partner.

Step Two: Talk to Issa Eklund

You’ll realize at this point that Walter is married to Issa. His wife will give you information that leads you to the Astral Lounge. Here, you’ll need to find some dirt on the anonymous Artifact seller you’re looking for.

The Astral Lounge is located in the Trade Tower, a bar in the back of the club. Speak to the bartender, Boone Morgan, to set up a meeting. Influence Boone to sell you the VIP package at a discount. Click Remote Door Control to access the VIP lounge.

Step Three: Investigate the Client

Leave the Astral Lounge and head to Newill’s Goods to question James Newill. He will ask 2,500 Credits for information on the seller, although you can try to persuade him.

Make sure you have a Digpick with you, allowing you to access the Sleepcrate One for more information on the seller in private emails. The seller is desperate for credits and “needs money fast.”

After learning this, head back to Walter and head to the Astral Lounge.

Step Four: Locate the Mysterious Seller

At the Astral Lounge, you’ll need to say the phrase “Ramsay and Travers” to find the seller near the bar. A man named Musgrove will go with you to the VIP Lounge elevator to start discussing the deal.

You can then confirm with Walter that you found the seller to get more details on how the deal will go. He’ll be waiting for you in the meeting room. Here is what you can do during the meeting:

  • Option 1: Grab the Artifact – You can kill the seller and take the Artifact, but the entire club will be in chaos.
  • Option 2: Close the Security Door – Hack the security door to scare the seller, threatening him to give you the Artifact for no credits
  • Option 3: Leverage – Negotiate with Musgrove based on the fact that you know he’s desperate for credit
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Step Five: Deal with Slayton’s agent

Once you leave the meeting, you’ll see a Slayton agent outside with a machine gun. He was hired by a competitor, the original owner of the Artifact. You can attack him, which causes a lot of chaos, or you can persuade him to defuse the standoff. If you’re successful, he’ll leave. You can even signal over Neon Security to disarm the agent and force him to leave the club.

After this, you’ll learn that Issa and Walter’s ship has been impounded, and there’s a bounty on them now. To fix this, you’ll need to go to Slayton Aerospace HQ to try and fix the drama between Slayton and Walter.

You can either fight your way through each floor, ultimately killing Slayton, but it’s quite dangerous. You can also try and persuade Ryleigh at the front desk to get a meeting with Slayton. You’ll be given the Executive Level Access Code key.

Step Six: Face Slayton himself

At this point, Slayton has caught on to your plan and has stopped the elevator from working. But this doesn’t stop Issa. Listen to her instructions to find your way up to him.

Slayton and his crew will be waiting. You can start killing everyone, but this will most likely have a bad effect on Walter and Issa. Instead, let Walter handle it, and he’ll strike a deal between both parties that Slayton agrees to. In return, you must deal with Musgrove.

Choose to let authorities deal with the Artifact thief. Your companions will be glad you let him live.

Leave Neon on your ship. Walter will then ask you some questions, and you can tell him he and Issa are cute together to flatter him. You’ll then be granted 10,000 Credits and the Fiscal Quarter Rifle for completing this mission.

But you’ll then have to deal with a ship known as the Helix.


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