How to claim Twitch drops for Elder Scrolls Online

By Kenneth Williams


Jan 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Elder Scrolls Online fans can claim free drops just by tuning in and watching their favorite Twitch streamers.

Exploring the world of Tamriel can be tough, but the streaming community is there to help. Elder Scrolls Online players can earn free loot and drops just by tuning in to watch the game on Twitch. Watching ESO drop-enabled Twitch streams earns Ouroboros Crown Crates with tons of valuable goods included. Whether you’re crawling through the ashlands of Morrowind, chatting up cats in Elsweyr, or discovering wherever Elder Scrolls 6 will play out, ESO Twitch drops will make the journey a little bit easier.

Connecting your two accounts is a fairly simple process. First, navigate to your account page on the official Elder Scrolls Online website. Then locate the Linked Account section on the left side of the account page. Click there and navigate to the Link Twitch Account section. The page will prompt users to log in via Twitch and connect the two accounts. Once that process is complete, viewers will be able to claim ESO Twitch drops just by tuning in to streams.

When ESO Twitch drops are active, there are usually dozens of streamers playing the game on Twitch. Not all of them will have drops enabled. Streams titles will have clear labels showing when drops are activated. The best way to quickly find an ESO streamer with drops enabled is to check the official Elder Scrolls Online stream team website. All of the streams listed on that page should have drops enabled.

What’s in ESO Twitch Drops?

The most common Twitch drops for ESO are Ouroboros Crown Crates. These are Elder Scrolls Online’s version of loot crates with a ton of valuable rewards inside. Crown Crates grant loot at five different rarities from common to apex. 

Common Crown Crates grant several different potions, elixirs, and poisons, with the occasional crown mimic stone included as a versatile crafting material. Fine rewards include riding buff books, experience scrolls, and even soul crown gems. Moving up to epic rarity, players can earn free major experience and instant all research scrolls.

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The top two rarities for ESO Twitch drops are legendary and apex. Legendary crates contain grand experience or major instant research scrolls. Apex treasures are the ultimate rewards for watching ESO on Twitch. They contain either a Senche Cub or a fully-grown Senche of Scarlet Regret. These flashy pets are exceedingly rare with less than a 1% drop rate. ESO fans need to watch a ton of Twitch content to have a real chance at getting this rarest drop.


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