How to cheese out a win over the Fire Giant boss in Elden Ring

By Nicholas James


Mar 12, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Fire Giant is a non-optional boss in Elden Ring that blocks the way to the Giant’s Forge area, but there’s a hilarious cheese strategy to defeat it.

In order to progress to the Giant’s Forge, head east from the Church of Repose towards the enormous chain that joins the main plateau to the eastern one. This leads to the Fire Giant’s boss arena, where you’ll be forced to fight the last survivor of the war with the giants.

How to beat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring using cheese

The Fire Giant is similar to many large enemies in Elden Ring in that the fight is best done on horseback, using Torrent’s mobility to get in and out quickly. This fight is doable normally but there’s a strange interaction that can make the battle way easier than otherwise.

This cheese strategy seems somewhat replicable and involves forcing the Fire Giant to fall to his death. Immediately upon entering the boss arena, spring up and towards the right side of the arena on Torrent. Near the end of the arena is a small cliff that borders the edge of the area. Running up towards the tallest rock on the edge of the cliff will lure the Fire Giant towards you.

From here, jump off of the cliff and then use Torrent’s double jump to safely make it back onto the lower level. Turn around and force the Fire Giant to walk towards you as it tries to get aggro. If the giant walks and falls off the cliff, it instantly dies and triggers its second phase. This trick can be repeated again for the second phase. It may take a few tries to get the Fire Giant to fall properly, but something about the fall damage is clearly too much for the boss to handle, and makes the fight far easier.

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