There's a second Sellen hidden in Elden Ring's Witchbane Ruins.

Should you side with Jerren in Sorceress Sellen’s questline?

By Nicholas James


Mar 11, 2022

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Sorceress Sellen is an NPC that can be first found in eastern Limgrave that unlocks a lengthy questline that takes you far and wide across the lands between. The trouble is that Elden Ring players will ultimately be forced to choose between Sellen and Jerren

Sorceress Sellen is an exile from the Raya Lucaria Academy, and can be found throughout the game and aided with her quest to return from her exile. Sellen is first found beneath the Waypoint Ruins after the Mad Pumpkin Head boss, requiring a Stonesword Key to enter. From there, you can begin an Elden Ring NPC quest that rewards you with powerful magic.

Sorceress Sellen questline guide in Elden Ring

When you first meet Sorceress Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins, she asks you to retrieve scrolls for her. All of these can be found about Limgrave, but none of them are needed to advance her quest. After advancing to a certain point in the game, she’ll ask you to find her previous mentor.

Primeval Sorcerer Azur is located in the northeast of Hermit Village in the Mount Gelmir region of the Altus Plateau. In order to reach the Plateau, you’ll have to defeat the area boss for Raya Lucaria Academy, Rennala. Interacting with Azur grants the incredibly powerful Comet Azur sorcery. From there, return to Sellen and speak with her.

Where to find Lusat

The next step is to find Lusat in the Sellia Hideaway. If you haven’t already, you must complete a quest in Sellia village before continuing onwards. Both of these are in Caelid east of Fort Faroth. Head north to find the Church of Plague site and west to find a graveyard. The wall behind the largest headstone is illusory. Dispel it with an attack.

Clear this dungeon until you find a series of blue crystal bridges, slowly dropping down in the hole below. From here, the Sellia Sealbreaker item can be used to find Lusat and bag the Stars of Ruin sorcery. After that, return to Sellen again to advance to the next step.

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Find Sorceress Sellen’s body

You’ll need to have beaten Starscourge Radahn to reach this step. At this point, Sellen will reveal that she is projecting her presence from where she has been trapped by the academy. It’s up to you to find her true body beneath the Witchbane Ruins in the Weeping Peninsula. Given the relatively small area, it is found quickly on the western edge of the grassy section of the peninsula.

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Beneath it is Sorceress Sellen, who will impart her soul to you in a Primal Glintstone. Next head to Ranni’s Rise and the ruins to the northeast of the Site of Grace. Between the twin arched pillars, a well-placed jump attack on the floor will reveal a secret door that takes you to Sellen’s new body. Deposit the Glintstone inside to proceed.

Executioner Jerren wants you to choose him and fight against Sellen in Elden Ring

Executioner Jerren is located at the Site of Grace before the boss in Castle Redmane. Talk to him, then travel to the Witchbane Ruins area where Sellen’s first body was hidden. Here. Jerren will say he has slain this version of Sellen and call her a monster.

This puts players into a position where they’ll need to choose between helping Sellen to fight back against Jerren, or helping Jerren to kill Sellen for real. Both choices yield the player powerful items.

Should I choose to help Sellen or Jerren in Elden Ring?

Players get more rewards from helping Sellen than they do from helping Jerren.

Choosing to help Sellen will earn the player Jerren’s armor, a new weapon, and access to a new sorcery. Helping Jerren will yield an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, Sellen’s iconic hat, and Sellen’s Bell Bearing.

After the initial meeting with Jerren, a boss fight is slated for the Raya Lucaria Grand Library. Outside of the doors are summon signs for Sellen and Jerren, but players can only choose one. Summon the one you would like to side with.

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If you said Sellen you’ll gain Jerren’s armor, a Glintstone Kris dagger, and a new sorcery. Players will also be able to find the sets of Azur and Lusat after the quest. Lusat’s armor in particular is very useful.

Turning on Sellen will give you a Rune Arc, Sellen’s Bell Bearing to ensure you can still buy what you like in Roundtable Hold, and the Witch’s Glintstone Crown.

Generally speaking, sorcery-based characters receive better rewards from siding with Sellen while access to the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone likely makes Jerren the better choice for everyone else.


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