How to access Pokemon Go if the Trainer Club is down

By Nicholas James


Jul 13, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The Pokemon Trainer Club is the single best hub for Pokemon fans of all different kinds, here’s how to access Pokemon Go when it’s down.

The Pokemon Trainer Club is essentially a social hub for Pokemon fans across different Pokemon titles. It allows you to organize, optimize and socialize across a variety of Pokemon titles, all from one central hub. Here’s how to get into Pokemon Go if the Pokemon Trainer Club is down.

How to know if Pokemon Trainer Club is down

The best way to tell if the Pokemon Trainer Club is down or if you’re just running into unrelated issues is to check the server status. There’s no official tool from Nintendo, but several services still monitor the server’s status. For example, you can use Jooas to check if other folks around the world are having issues with the club as well.

Can you still log into Pokemon Go?

The biggest problem that most fans will encounter with the Pokemon Trainer Club going down is making it difficult to log into Pokemon Go. Luckily, you can still log in quite easily, you just need a different social media account that is also tied to the Pokemon Go account. If you haven’t already set one up before the club went down, you won’t be able to fix it until it comes back up. However, attaching another account to your Pokemon Go profile will let you log in and out regardless of if the Pokemon Trainer Club is down or not.

So yes, you can still log into the service, you just need to have thought ahead. If you do run into this issue and you don’t have a secondary social media account linked to the Pokemon Go profile, make sure to do that once the Pokemon Trainer Club comes back online and you’ll be just fine during future outages.