How many people play Valorant?

How many people play Valorant in 2022? Stats prove ongoing popularity

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 6, 2022

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Riot Games’ first-person shooter was easily 2021’s most popular shooter game. The developer hasn’t released official stats, but we might know how many people play Valorant. 

In 2020, Riot Games dipped its toes into the FPS category previously dominated by Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In 2022, Valorant has garnered a massive player count while co-existing with CSGO, ultimately dominating and reshaping the shooter genre. Millions of players have logged into Valorant to enjoy the modern FPS game with a unique touch of abilities. 

Riot hasn’t yet revealed data for Valorant live player count, but we have some statistics regarding Valorant monthly players. 

What’s Valorant player count in 2022?

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According to Valorant executive producer Anna Donlon, the game has 14 million monthly average players, making it one of the most successful free-to-play shooters. 

This number was confirmed in June of 2021, and assuredly it has only gone up since then. The developer revealed that the game went through a slump after its release but soon came back on track. After a dip, the Valorant player count continued to go up. Unofficial numbers have also confirmed an increase in Valorant’s monthly player count. 

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According to a credible tracker,, Valorant is rocking an average player count of 13 million, with approximately 906,591 daily players. The game also recorded its highest peak in July when around 1 million players logged in concurrently. These numbers prove that Valorant has made incredible strides as a nascent shooter that already had a strong competitor. 

A player count of 14 million is insane for a game that has just been released for a year. In 2021, Valorant also completed its first worldwide circuit, which certainly added to the thriving player count. Current concurrent numbers are unknown, but the esports circuit undoubtedly helped Valorant grow more. 

Peak viewership numbers on Valorant streams and anticipation around each agent prove that Valorant might be the most popular shooter game in 2021 and going into 2022. Riot’s shooter has quickly created a dedicated community of FPS players invested in agent lore, game development, and more.

The increasing player count could be attributed to Valorant’s cut-throat appeal and the developer’s attitude towards the players. Riot Games has closely been in touch with the community, content creators, and professional players, which has helped the game thrive and grow.