How many League of Legends skins are there in 2021?

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Riot Games continues pumping out skins for League of Legends fans, and 2021 is looking to be another year in which plenty of new in-game cosmetics are made available.

For 2020, Riot committed to increasing the number of new skins and successfully surpassed its goal of 120 new skins. In 2021, Riot continues to push out new skins while also focusing on creating several new thematics. Some of these new skin themes have already been released with the brand new Space Groove skins, which are looking to be new fan favorites. 

To keep track of all the skins that Riot has released over the years, here’s a look at how many exist and what the prices of skins are these days. 

How many skins are in League of Legends?

With eight brand new Space Groove skins released during patch 11.7, the total skin count in the game is now at a whopping 1,251 skins. This includes at least one extra skin for all 154 current champions in the game. Some champions have received many skins over the years, while newer champions usually won’t have more than one or two additional skins. The champion with the most skins currently is Miss Fortune, who currently has 14 different skins to her name.  

With new champion Gwen hitting the live servers, the number of champions and skins will increase once again. With Gwen in patch 11.8, Riot is also looking to release new skins for the Dragonslayer and Blackfrost skin lines. With these skins, the total amount of in-game cosmetics will increase by six. 

At the end of 2021, it’s expected that Riot has surpassed the mark of 1,300 skins and may even be closing in on 1,400 total skins in the game. Besides the skins, there are also many skin chromas that change each skin’s color scheme, and there are also special prestige editions for certain skins. 

Space Groove Gwen

How much does a League of Legends skin cost?

The cost of a skin in League of Legends varies depending on the skin type. Some skins have special designs and effects that will increase the cost, while cheaper skins will usually only change the champion’s appearance. Some of the oldest and simplest skins can be bought for just 390 RP, while the most expensive skins cost 3,250 RP. 

Here are the different LoL skin prices: 

  • 390 RP
  • 520 RP
  • 750 RP
  • 975 RP
  • Epic skins: 1350 RP 
  • Legendary skins: 1820 RP
  • Ultimate skins: 3250 RP

The cost of new skin releases will most often be set at 1,350 RP as Riot is mostly producing epic skins now. Sometimes, newer skins will also fall below that price because of limited sales and discounts. For the ultimate skins, of which Riot has only made four so far, prices are highest. The most recent ultimate skins was K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine.  

Are LoL skins bannable? 

Using skins in League of Legends isn’t bannable. Riot sells official LoL skins in the League of Legends store for players to use within the games. Some skins are not purchasable anymore but are still allowed in the game. For professional play, a few select skins are banned to avoid unfair advantages. These are often skins with very different visual effects that can potentially change the outcome of a game. But most skins are stil eligible for use, and pro players are known to enjoy flexing their different skins in the game.