How many flowers are in Minecraft, and what can they do?

By Kenneth Williams


Jan 26, 2022

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Minecraft flowers are just as functional as they are decorative, and we can help you learn all about them.

Flowers occupy a strange space in Minecraft. They’re relatively easy to find and mostly useless, until they suddenly aren’t. Flowers can be used for a variety of tasks, including some that don’t involve a crafting bench. By knowing about all the different types of flowers, it becomes much easier to look for the ones you want. Here’s every type of flower in Minecraft explained.

How many flowers are in Minecraft?

As of version 1.18, there are 17 different types of flowers in Minecraft. Here are all of them listed with the type of dye they create.

  • Allium (Magenta Dye)
  • Azure Bluet (Light Gray Dye)
  • Blue Orchid (Light Blue Dye)
  • Cornflower (Blue Dye)
  • Dandelion (Yellow Dye)
  • Lilac (Magenta Dye)
  • Lily of the Valley (White Dye)
  • Orange Tulip (Orange Dye)
  • Oxeye Daisy (Light Gray Dye)
  • Peony (Pink Dye)
  • Pink Tulip (Pink Dye)
  • Poppy (Red Dye)
  • Red Tulip (Red Dye)
  • Rose Bush (Red Dye)
  • Sunflower (Yellow Dye)
  • White Tulip (Light Gray Dye)
  • Wither Roses (Black Dye)

Certain flowers can only be found in certain locations. Wither Roses only spawn when a mob is killed by a Wither. Poppies, dandelions, and oxeye daisies spawn in and around villages. Dandelion spawn in the savanna biome and poppies are found in snowy biomes.

What to use flowers for in Minecraft

The most obvious use for flowers in Minecraft is decoration. You can plant them near important structures like your base to make them more pleasing to the eye. In addition to just being planted, flowers can also be used to make dye to recolor other items. To make dye out of Minecraft flowers, put them in a single block of a crafting zone. Some flowers will even create two dyes each.

Flowers are also necessary for bees to create honey. After pollinating flowers, bees will return to their beehive to create honey that the player can access. It’s important to include flowers in any automatic Minecraft bee farm.

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One more use for flowers is making Suspicious Stew. Despite its name, Stew is one of the most efficient foods in all of Minecraft. It is crafted from a bowl, a red mushroom, a brown mushroom, and a flower of the player’s choice. In addition to restoring hunger, Suspicious Stew also has a bonus effect depending on the Minecraft flower used to create it. 

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The best flowers for crafting Suspicious Stew are Dandelions, Blue Orchids, and Oxeye Daisies. The first two will induce the saturation effect which will fill the player’s hunger bar by up to seven points per stew. Oxeyes will grant regeneration for an immediate boost of health points. Allium can provide fire resistance, but the resistance effect is so brief that it’s not really worth it. Stew acquired by milking Mooshrooms has a random effect, so use flowers to ensure a beneficial effect.


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