How esports and online casinos will evolve in 2023

By William Davis


Dec 24, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The meteoric rise of digital casinos has sent shockwaves through the gambling industry, but smart bookies haven’t forgotten about the rising tide of esports. More companies than ever are trying to bridge the gap between the two industries, which both appeal to a younger audience that traditional betting hasn’t been able to capture. With that in mind, here’s how casinos will evolve to tackle both digital casinos and esports match betting in 2023.

More online casinos than ever to open in 20023

The easiest way to judge growth in this space is by looking at all the new companies joining the fray. When it comes to betting spaces, Canadian bettors are already flush with different betting sites to choose from. However, more sites than ever plan to debut on the market in 2023. Here are just some of the new casinos in Canada that plan to open in the next year.

  • SvenPlay Casino 
  • Nucleon Bet
  • Happyspins Casino
  • Zinkra Casino
  • Allin Casino
  • Casinoly
  • FireVegas
  • Hot Bet Casino
  • PiratePlay Casino
  • PlayZilla casino

With the growing popularity of esports betting, it’s likely that many of these bookmakers will also offer odds on competitive gaming. Thanks to the market appealing to a younger audience and its connections with the streaming world, many would-be esports gamblers also look for extensive digital casinos when choosing a website. In fact, several signs point to even greater integration between the two markets in 2023.

How online casinos, gaming and esport will evolve in 2023

Betting and gaming are two of the fastest-growing industries in the world in terms of both audience and technology. In the past year alone, several new fields have emerged that benefits both groups. Naturally, casinos have taken notice of how these developments could affect their own businesses. Here are just a few of the new technologies powering both gambling and esports.

  • Virtual reality
  • Blockchain
  • Augmented reality
  • Social gambling and gaming
  • No account or registration gaming
  • Faster casino payouts

Online casinos and esports use tech differently in 2023

While the two categories have definitely grown together, there are some key differences between the two that involve their use of the technology outlined above.

For digital casinos, blockchain offers a new way for the house to bookkeep and players to feel secure while playing. In addition, blockchain also powers cryptocurrency, which has exploded in popularity among bettors. Social gambling has also become much more popular now due to advances in video calling and voice over internet.

Esports, meanwhile, is able to take advantage of advancing virtual reality tech to power new games, competitions, and, ultimately, new betting opportunities. Augmented reality is still firmly a casual gamer’s venture, but new titles, especially mobile ones, could help it break into the competitive sphere.

The future of esport and online casino games

Casinos and esports share similarities in structure as well, with both markets always on the lookout for the next big game. In fact, the two industries have been intertwined throughout the streaming world. Several streamers throughout 2022 showed off digital casinos to millions of total viewers, and many of those gamers also happen to enjoy spectating competitive games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends.

With that growing popularity in mind, it’s likely that a large number of existing online casinos will begin to offer esports betting opportunities. The inverse is also true, with esports sites possibly offering slots in the future. 2023 will also be a big year for the technology powering both industries, which could drive both segments or open up new and exciting opportunities to play slots like nothing seen before.


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