How does the Rundown work in GTFO?

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 17, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

GTFO is famous for its difficulty, atmosphere, and unique Rundown system, which can catch many gamers off guard.

In the current era of online gaming, gamers are used to constant development ranging from weekly bug fixes to monthly updates to seasonal battle passes filled with content. However, GTFO bucks that trend to the extreme. The cooperative horror shooter uses the Rundown, a unique content rollout system designed to keep gamers engaged.

Here’s how Rundowns work, how many are currently available, and when the next original one is likely to release.

What is Rundown in GTFO?

In GTFO, the term Rundown refers to a set of levels released together in one package. Each Rundown contains multiple levels at each difficulty rating ranging from A to E, though E levels usually come alone.

Each Rundown also boasts a completely separate set of levels with their own progression. Each E level, for example, can only be unlocked by completing all other missions in the Rundown it came in. Clearing each Rundown also rewards random cosmetics.

GTFO Rundown menu

In addition, certain content is locked to specific Rundowns. This is easiest to see with the weapons. The recently released ALT://Rundown 5 has the Double Tap Rifle and Heavy SMG, weapons that are unavailable in all previous Rundowns. Each Rundown also adds new content like enemy types, objectives, tilesets, music, and more.

Thanks to 10 Chambers deciding to re-release Rundowns after 7, there are currently six Rundowns available after the ALT://Rundown 5 update. That’s Rundowns 1 through 5 plus Rundown 7, leaving 6 as the only one currently unavailable.

When does a new Rundown come out in GTFO?

New GTFO Rundowns usually come out every four months or so, but the pace has quickened with the new policy of remastering old levels.

Under normal circumstances, GTFO releases a new original Rundown every five months. That means a new suite of levels a little more often than twice a year. However, that doesn’t account for ://Extended updates, which add more levels to Rundowns after they are released. That means that new content comes out every two months or so.

However, with 10 Chambers now remastering all previous Rundowns, the release schedule has been much, much faster. ALT://Rundowns come out every 54.5 days on average. That’s less than two months per rerelease. This accelerated schedule won’t stick around for long, however, as Rundown 6 will be the final remaster before 10 Chambers is back to making original content.

GTFO Rundown 7

Assuming ALT://Rundown 6 is rereleased 54.5 days after ALT://Rundown 5 and the average release schedule is resumed, the next fully-new GTFO Rundown should come out around January 12, 2024. That would also mean that ALT://Rundown 5 will come out around August 9, 2023. Considering the company is currently taking a seasonal break, it’s safe to expect a month or two delay from those educated guesses.

That would mean Rundown 8 would come out around March 12, 2024.


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