How does New Game+ work in Elden Ring? The Elden Ring NG+ guide

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Elden Ring NG+ is the perfect way to experience the Lands Between all over again, but it comes with a few caveats.

Elden Ring players unlock the ability to go into New Game+ right after completing the main story. After defeating the Elden Beast and witnessing their ascension to the throne, players get teleported to the burning Roundtable Hold. Players can then initiate Elden Ring NG+ at any time by interacting with the central Site of Grace at the titular roundtable. Until then, they can continue exploring the world or finish up side quests.

Do I keep my weapons in Elden Ring NG+?

After activating NG+, players keep all their weapons, armor, sorceries, incantations, weapon upgrade materials, and spirit ashes. The only things they leave behind are quest items like Shabriri Grapes, keys, and so on. 

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The biggest change is to enemy stats, which greatly increase with each iteration of NG+. All enemies including bosses have higher health and deal more damage. This is meant to give players a challenge, but their actual attack animations and combos stay the same. Elden Ring’s New Game+ is fairly easy in the early game, but the difficulty ramps up over time, especially with the final boss gauntlet.

How does Elden Ring multiplayer work in NG+?

Elden Ring players in NG+ can still completely interact with normal players as long as all other prerequisites are met.

For cooperative play, Elden Ring NG+ players are completely compatible with first-run players. Summoning pools work the exact same way, and NG+ characters can be summoned to take on new game bosses with no changes. The same is true for password-based summoning.

Competitive multiplayer is also the same. Players on NG+ can invade first-game players the exact same way as normal. New Game+ characters tend to have much higher levels, so the available pool of victims is much smaller. NG+ characters should try to invade at later stages of the game like Mountaintop of the Giants and the Haligtree to find more players to interact with.

Does Elden Ring New Game+ have new items and weapons?

Elden Ring does not have any new content locked to NG+. All weapons, armors, and talismans are available in the first run of the game

Many talismans such as the Erdtree’s Favor and Crimson Amber Medallion have upgraded versions up to +2. In some FromSoftware games before Elden Ring, upgraded rings were locked to New Game+ as an incentive for players to keep the adventure going. Elden Ring puts all upgraded rings in the first run, which is probably meant to help players get the Legendary Talismans achievement.

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The same is true for other items as well. All spells and weapons are available in the base version of the Lands Between. Though available in the base game, Elden Ring NG+ is a great way to get additional Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones and their Somber equivalents. Only 13 normal ones and eight Somber ones exist in a single run.


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