How art and storytelling impact gamers’ experience

By William Davis


Feb 22, 2024

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Art, storytelling, and technology are probably the three essential pillars that shape a video game. Here’s how each of them impacts the experience of playing a video game.

Art is essential in making video games enjoyable for players, as it helps them feel more connected to the game world. It is not just about how the game looks but also how it shapes your environment and guides you through understanding the new world you are discovering.

  • First Impressions: How a game looks usually gets a player’s attention first. It can create a mood and give an idea of what to expect before the game starts. Take SlotsCalendar, for example, a platform where you can realize what games can offer you the first second you access it.
  • World-Building and Immersion: If the environment looks natural and believable, it can feel like you are part of it, making the game immersion more natural. And if there are a lot of little details to look at, it can help you feel more involved.
  • Gameplay Clarity: Apart from looks, art plays a vital role in clarifying the gameplay. Using different colors, symbols, details, and environmental details helps players understand paths, what to do, when, or how in an intuitive way.

In video games, storytelling goes beyond traditional methods by adding an interactive element to the story, significantly affecting the player’s experience. Unlike passive forms of entertainment, video games involve players directly in the story, making them active participants in its progress. It affects how players feel, interact, and remember a game. 

  • Emotional Connection: A good story can connect you to the game. When developers build characters that players can relate to, exciting stories, ups and downs, and sudden events can make you feel happy, sad or excited.
  • Gameplay Integration: When the story blends smoothly with the gameplay, it improves the whole experience by giving a reason for the player’s actions and tasks. The missions move the game forward along with the story.
  • Narrative Reward: In many games, as you go through the story, you get access to new places, skills, or items. This is a way to reward players for doing well and progressing. This way, you and everyone playing the game feel good about your progress.

Any game becomes better by adding functions and systems players can use to engage more with NPC, the environment, and the world they play in.

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  • Gameplay Mechanics: More mechanics means that players can have more opportunities to interact with the game world. This means you can have a pet or upgrade your weapons. For instance, new technology lets you add some AI to dialogue systems to have more natural interactions with the characters. Even boss fights can be unique every time because creatures can adapt to your way of using your abilities, weapons, and moves.
  • VR: If you are looking for the most innovative games out there, VR games are the ones to look for. This happens because it has been years since the industry managed to shift so much to a whole new branch. With the help of VR headsets, you can now experience a game from a centric point of view. You are not looking at your screen, but now you can be part of the game for real.

What is next?

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It is more than obvious that there are so many other things to talk about when it comes to these pillars of game development, but we can dedicate hours and hours to each of them. Would you be interested to learn more about why games make you feel in a certain way?


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