Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod is a dream come true

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 16, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Hogwarts Legacy is entertaining, but the absence of a multiplayer mode is so substantial that modders couldn’t help but create one.

Exploration and curiosity are the bedrock of Hogwarts Legacy. For this reason, many may enjoy the single-player game for hours and days without getting bored. But after a while, everyone would want to explore Diagon Alley, Forbidden Forest, and the restricted third-floor corridor with a friend or partner. Unfortunately, it’s not possible. But, modders got your back. 

The Together Team, the guys behind Skyrim Together, are now cooking a multiplayer mod for Hogwarts Legacy dubbed HogWarp. 

Can you play Hogwarts Legacy in multiplayer?

Players can now play Hogwarts Legacy with their friends through HogWarp, a mod set up by the Together Team. 

HogWarp will work precisely like Hogwarts Legacy. The creators don’t plan on adding any multiplayer-exclusive features. Instead, players can replay the original game ditto, but with a friend. The early development video has already hit the internet, and it looks promising. 

In the video, two different players can be seen exploring the giant castle. Unfortunately, there’s no audio, but we can assure you that multiplayer Hogwarts Legacy would be filled with laughter and Harry Potter references. HogWarp will allow a total of eight players in a single game, so prepare for the chaos.

“Our aim is to figure out how to do the basics such as spawning characters with the player’s appearance, animations, and NPCs,” modder Yamashi said. 

The early build appears fun, but it’d be interesting to see what the final product looks like, and players can’t wait. Fortunately, there’s no need to wait. It’s possible to try HogWarp while the development team perfects it.

How to play Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer

Hogwarts Legacy

Avalanche’s Hogwarts Legacy is strictly single-player. HogWarp, however, lets you test its multiplayer test mod that’s still in development. 

The HogWarp build is only available to Yamashi’s Patreon subscribers at the High Otter ($21/month) and King Otter ($51.50/month) tiers. It’s currently littered with bugs. The developer has already warned the players to expect roadblocks and jittery gameplay. The best part about the mod is that players can also create their games and challenges, leading to a fully immersive magical work. 

The mod will be free once it’s ready for the public, but until then, players must pay a hefty amount. The logical thing would be to wait for the full release, but eager players would pay the full fee in a blink. We don’t blame them. Exploring Hogwarts with close friends sounds like a priceless dream!