Hidden files leak that Greedent is coming to Pokemon Unite

Christian Vejvad • August 22, 11:44

Data miners recently discovered that Greedent will likely be making its way to Pokemon Unite in the near future, but what is known about Sword and Shield’s leading squirrel?

The playable roster of Pokemon is still very limited in Pokemon Unite, with just two new releases since the game became available on Nintendo Switch. Joining the original 20 Pokemon, both Gardevoir and Blissey were added in August, suggesting that two new Pokemon will arrive per month in the future. 

It’s already known that Blastoise is Pokemon Unite’s probable next release, and Sylveon and Mamoswine were revealed in the most recent Pokemon Presents. It’s probable that all three of these Pokemon will arrive before Greedent, so players might be looking at two months or more before the squirrel-like Pokemon hits live servers. 

Greedent might come as a surprise to many players as it’s not necessarily the most flashy Pokemon out there, but it might still turn into a strong pick. While the information about Greedent is still limited, it’s currently expected that Greedent will be a defender given its stats in the mainline Pokemon games where it boasts high HP and mediocre stats elsewhere. 

What moves will Greedent have in Pokemon Unite?

When it comes to the moveset, data miners have discovered a few good guesses of what Greedent might have to offer. Right now, it seems like Greedent will start with Thief and Round which will upgrade into Gyro Ball, Wish, Stuff Cheeks, and Belly Drum. Given how these moves work in the games, it seems like Greedent will basically give players the option of boosting defense with Stuff Cheeks and healing with Wish like a proper tank, or boosting attack with Belly Drum to set up burst damage with Gyro Ball. 

Greedent will be the third Pokemon from Sword and Shield to join the fray alongside Cinderace and Cramorant, but it won’t be the last. As the most recent generation, the Pokemon of the Galar region could show up in the game a bit more frequently compared to other generations. The Pokemon Company will still be focusing on some of the original Pokemon as well, to keep the older player base engaged with some of the Pokemon they grew up with. 

More information about Greedent is likely to come next month, but players will need a bit of patience before getting to play Greedent in Pokemon Unite. 


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