Here’s what you need to know about the new Street Fighter 6

By Steven Rondina


Feb 21, 2022

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Street Fighter 6 is officially inbound.

Capcom announced that a new installment in the acclaimed fighting game series is coming. The Japanese publisher ran an ominous countdown on its website, ticking towards the announcement of a new game. Speculation on what was to come ran the gamut from downloadable content for Resident Evil 8 to the whole of Capcom being bought out by Microsoft or Sony.

When the timer ran out, players got something in the middle of these extremes in the form of a first taste of Street Fighter 6. A short trailer was revealed giving players of an older, beefier Ryu and a couple of hints regarding what’s to come. Here’s what’s known about Street Fighter 6.

What is Street Fighter 6’s release date?

Street Fighter 6 like isn’t coming out until 2023, though no release date was confirmed for the game. Beyond the trailer and the game’s existence, Capcom was very stingy with the details. It did give fans another tease after the trailer debut, revealing that more information on Street Fighter 6 is set to come this summer.

Though it didn’t confirm this, there is a strong likelihood these announcements will be made during Evo 2022. Evo 2022 is currently scheduled to be held in Las Vegas from August 5 to 7.

What characters are in Street Fighter 6?

The only confirmed Street Fighter 6 characters are Ryu and Luke.

Ryu being included is no surprise. Though Alex, Abel, and Rashid were technically meant to be the main characters of the last three Street Fighter titles, Ryu has been included in each one and has undone any attempt to establish a new primary protagonist.

Luke being added and taking on a significant role was also previously teased. Though Street Fighter has historically added a new character to take on that main character role with each game, Luke actually premiered as the final DLC character of Street Fighter V. The official PlayStation blog labeled Luke as “a key player in the next Street Fighter project” when he was revealed, with Capcom clearly planning to follow through on this.

Past those two, fans can likely expect Ken and Chun-Li. Ken has been in every Street Fighter game to date while Chun-Li has found her way into every Street Fighter and Capcom crossover title since Street Fighter 2.

Beyond that, any character from Street Fighter’s back catalog could make a return. Though one might assume that the likes of Zangief, Dhalsim, and Cammy would be shoe-ins, Street Fighter 3 shows that nobody should feel too safe when it comes to having their favorite characters return. 

Even with Ken and Chun-Li, it’s possible they get omitted from the initial batch of characters and only get added later as DLC. Don’t forget that Ken wasn’t included in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and Chun-Li didn’t appear in Street Fighter 3: New Generation or 2nd Impact, only being added in Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike.

What platforms will Street Fighter 6 come out on?

It can be safely assumed that Street Fighter 6 will come out on PlayStation 5 and PC. Anything beyond that is uncertain and perhaps unlikely.

Street Fighter V was created as part of a partnership between Sony and Capcom, with the game never receiving a release on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo WiiU, or Nintendo Switch. It’s uncertain whether Street Fighter 6 will receive similar treatment and a release on the Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, or next-gen Nintendo platform. 

The fact that official PlayStation media planted the seeds for Luke being a centerpiece for Street Fighter 6 suggests that Sony is expecting the game to land on PlayStation platforms. PC and PlayStation 5 are by far the most probable platforms it will land on. A release on PlayStation 4 is possible, but shouldn’t be seen as a guarantee with Street Fighter 6’s release date potentially coming in 2023 or beyond. This is particularly important for any fighting game fans trying to figure out how to approach the next generation of consoles


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