Here’s the fastest and easiest way to find Melina in Elden Ring

Steven Rondina • May 9, 2022 3:53 pm

Elden Ring doesn’t really start until the player partners with Melina, but where can you actually find her?

Melina is a key figure both in the lore and the gameplay of Elden Ring. The faux Finger Maiden is deeply invested in upending the Golden Order, is possibly a sister or alter ego of Ranni the Witch, and allows the player to access the final bosses of the game. More importantly, she also hooks the player up with the ability to level up and summon trusty steed Torrent.

The trouble is that players don’t immediately meet Melina and there’s no defined method for doing so. The good news is that Elden Ring players can actually find Melina in a variety of locations, meaning they will almost certainly be able to do so early on in the game. Here’s how to get offered an accord.

Where to find Melina in Elden Ring

Melina can be found by resting at one of several Sites of Grace dotted throughout the world of Elden Ring. There does not seem to be any manner of prerequisite for Melina’s first appearance beyond reaching an appropriate Site of Grace and resting there.

The fastest and easiest place to find Melina early on in Elden Ring is the Gatefront Site of Grace. This is almost directly north of the Church of Elleh. New characters may have to sneak around the roaming Tree Guardian field boss at the start of the game. Players are pointed in the Gatefront’s direction by the guiding grace in the Church of Elleh.

There are multiple other Sites of Grace where the player can meet Melina while resting. The nearby Agheel Lake North Site of Grace will also yield an appearance from Melina as do several others including the Bridge of Sacrifice. Sites of Grace that are in caves, catacombs, or other enclosed areas will not spawn Melina. 

What happens if you refuse Melina?

Melina disappears if the player refuses to accept her accord. She can reappear by summoning her at a Site of Grace afterward.

Players do not actually have a choice when it comes to accepting Melina’s accord. Though players can decline, they cannot level up and have very limited access to weapon upgrades until they agree to team up with her. Players also cannot receive the Spirit Summoning Bell, which allows them to use Spirit Ash.

Even if the player grinds their way forward at level one with basic items, it’s impossible to progress beyond a certain point.

Multiple areas of Elden Ring have magical gates that cannot be passed until after they find Melina and accept her offer. These gates cannot be opened in any other way. This doesn’t appear to be a bug, as multiple patches have been implemented that have not affected this.


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