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Here’s how to read the official Elden Ring comedy manga

by | Sep 4, 2022

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Elden Ring fans were teased with the idea that they were set to receive new media based on the game beyond its typical updates. Shockingly, the first bit of new content will be an Elden Ring comedy manga.

Elden Ring is likely to go down as 2022’s game of the year, with sales and playtime to back it up. The game would already have been a smash hit based on its gameplay and intricate level design, but fans were also treated to a sprawling story. While all FromSoftware games have interesting dark fantasy stories behind them, Elden Ring’s is much more detailed and character-focused than Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

That naturally lent itself to DLC driven by the story, but there were also teases that television shows or even movies were a possibility. Those could still be in the works, but the first bit of new Elden Ring media is instead a gag manga based on the series.

Elden Ring: The Road to the Erdtree gag manga officially released

A new official Elden Ring gag manga is officially live. The manga is positioned to be a comedic retelling of the player’s journey in the Elden Ring game. A maidenless Tarnished named Aseo is guided by Melina to the Erdtree with the goal of becoming the new Elden Lord.

“Aseo, a poor, Tarnished wretch, finds himself cast out into Limgrave—naked, penniless, hopeless, and maidenless. His only hope in his harsh, unforgiving new home is a mysterious woman named Melina,” the official description reads.

The series is set to include a number of familiar faces from the game, including allies like Blaidd the Half-Wolf and enemies such as Godrick the Grafted. The series opens with a retelling of the background story of the Shattering alongside the introduction to the Tarnished warriors.

The Elden Ring manga is created by Kadokawa Corporation, a Japanese media conglomerate and the parent company of FromSoftware. Kadokawa runs a slew of manga and anime distribution services and production studios.

How to read Elden Ring: Road to the Erdtree

The Elden Ring manga received an official English release and can be read on Comic Walker.

The first two chapters were made available on Comic Walker on September 4 and further chapters are set to release every two weeks moving forward. The series is currently only available digitally. It is unknown whether it may get a print release in the future.

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