Here’s how to perform an aerial in Rocket League and rank up

Fariha Bhatti • May 26, 2022 10:53 am

Climbing through the Rocket Leagues ranks is impossible without learning to pull off the perfect aerial. Here’s how to do an aerial in Rocket League to rank up quicker. 

Don’t let Rocket League’s cartoony visuals trick you into believing it’s easy. Psyonix’s high-octane soccer game is not a child’s play. The steep learning curve and a high skill ceiling are daunting for newer players joining Rocket League. However, learning a few mobility tricks may help you rank up. 

Aerial maneuvers are your key to escaping low MMR in Rocket League. This jump style adds verticality to a simple low-ranked game, taking the ball far away from opponents’ reach. But, mastering the art of hitting the boost is no picnic. Here’s how to do an aerial in Rocket League. 

How to do an aerial in Rocket League

Timing is crucial for executing the perfect aerial. It’s best to start the boost when you spot the ball at a reasonable range. Make sure you’re hitting it towards the enemy’s goal and facing the ball. 

  • Once you have loaded 100% boost, move towards the ball 
  • Distance is critical to building up sufficient speed without utilizing the boost. Try flipping the car to gain momentum
  • Drive until you’re closer to the ball and press the jump key
  • Hold down boost, and lean your vehicle back to get the ideal angle to hit the ball 
  • Make sure your boost is turned on throughout to touch the ball with maximum speed. 
  • Do a flip to gain more speed mid-air and stay in constant touch with the ball. 

Keep dragging the ball towards the goal by flipping the car and using movement keys. It’s optimal to hit the ball at the top to ensure it remains out of the opponent’s reach. You may find it tricky to stay in the air for longer than a few seconds initially. Some practice can help with mastering mid-air flipping, which is crucial in higher ranks. 

How to collect boost in Rocket League

The boost meter starts at 33% at the beginning of a match and depletes after use. It can be refilled by driving over active boost pads.

It’s recommended to fill up the meter to 100% before attempting an aerial, as mid-air flipping can require tons of turbo. Try picking up as many boost pads as you can before initiating aerial in Rocket League.


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