What are the best cars in Rocket League in 2021?

By Fariha Bhatti


May 19, 2021

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Rocket League’s steep learning curve makes it one of the trickiest games to master if you’re just starting. However, picking the right car can help make the learning process a bit easier. 

Psyonix’s high powered hybrid of arcade-style soccer game is one of the trending racing esports in 2021. A fierce blend of competitive spirit and bright visuals is a tempting treat for both casual and serious players. Rocket League isn’t only a cut-throat esports among professionals, but it’s also an epic entertainment to kill time. 

If you’re a new player, you may want to get your basics right first. While you can be good at Rocket league with any car if your movement is spot on, paying attention to car details can help boost your confidence on the pitch. 

Here are our top 10 car picks in Rocket League. 

1- Octane 

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Octane is one of the highly used and well-constructed cars in Rocket League. Fortunately, it’s already unlocked as a default car for new players alongside Breakout and Merc

The perfectly sized car has an excellent design, perfect hitbox, and tight turning radius that makes it easily manoeuvrable on any pitch. Octane is ideal for executing aggressive plays, dodging hits, and deflecting blows from the sidelines or pass. The default car has the most popular hitbox due to its tallest and second-widest size, which is why you’ll see many players opting for Octane in professional tournaments. 

2- Batmobile

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Evident from its name, Batmobile is the ideal pick for the fans of DC’s dark and broody superhero. But, it’s not just the pop culture background that adds to Batmobile’s popularity in Rocket League. The car is one of the longest in size and has a great potential to cover large areas on a pitch. The extended plank hitbox of the vehicle is ideal for you if you play a defensive role. 

It’s a premium body that comes with Rocket League DLC, which is why you may see a few of these cars in the game. It’s only available to those who bought the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice DLC or legacy account owners. 

3- Dominus

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Dominus likely has one of the best hitboxes after Octane, which is fit for landing trick shots. The vehicle has a large surface, much like Batmobile, but the low height and a paddle-like shape can sometimes be a nuisance in the game. Despite that, the unique hitbox shines in many situations as it can snuggle into more corners compared to Batmobile. 

4- Mantis

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Small, sharp, and fierce-looking, Mantis is an epic pick if you’re a fast, aggressive player. The car is capable of executing insane trick shots on defence if you have a decent movement in Rocket League. Mantis also falls in the Plank hitbox category, same as Batmobile, but its much smaller size allows it to squeeze into corners and clear out the ball. You may slack a bit if you’re using Mantis on defence, as the small size hinders the car’s ability to dodge a ball properly. 

5- Breakout

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Breakout is usually not the top pick of professional players, but you may come across a few in high-level games. The car gets its own hitbox category that it shares with the likes of Animus, Samurai, Cyclone, and more. The car has a tactless movement when it is up in the air, but its flat top allows for incredible plays with the ball. It’s a good pick if you haven’t still unlocked a suitable car with a Plank hitbox. 

Is Rocket League Free to play on steam? 

Rocket League was released in 2015 but it went free-to-play on steam on September 23. This update brought a whole new player base to the game that was a bit lost after noticing dozens of cars and features. The game has a skill ceiling, which is why newer players are having a tough time getting the hang of Rocket League. 


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