Here’s how to get Sage’s one-way wall on Bind right every time

Fariha Bhatti • March 12, 2021 2:18 am

The famous Sage one-way wall on Bind can be a game-changer if enemies continue to attack bomb point B in spite of it. And there’s an easy way to get your wall correctly every single time. 

Sage may not deal much damage with her abilities, but her seemingly innocuous kit can be deadly when used correctly. The agent is equipped with healing powers and a barrier orb that shields teammates from enemies and their tricks. However, the wall itself can be a trap using the one-way on Bind’s hookah or B-window. 

This wall has frequently been used in high-ranked games, where Sage is a massive part of the game’s meta. The healer is often seen playing tricks that fool enemies into walking right into Sage’s crosshair. The one-way wall on Bind can be a great tool, but it’s tough to master. 

Getting the barrier right will either earn you free kills or turn your enemies away from B. However, players often mess up their crouch jump, which results in the waste of Sage’s prized barrier. This simple lineup will ensure that you get your wall right every single time. 

Stand inside B window and aim down at the carpet pattern. Place your crosshair at the corner of the design to get into an accurate position. Next, aim in the middle of the box and press the barrier ability key.  

Press left click while jumping to place your one-way barrier on the hookah. 

This barrier will attach from the left boxes to the right pillar, leaving the bottom area exposed. Defenders can easily view enemies pushing in from the hookah by looking beneath the wall, whereas the attackers’ view will be blocked by Sage’s wall. You can also redo this wall multiple times in the game, as this leaves no option for attackers but to rotate back to A site. This will allow your teammates to tighten the screws on A and leave bomb point B to the sentinel. 

Did Sage get nerfed in Valorant? 

Sage’s healing, slow orb, and barrier received some big nerfs in Valorant patch 1.07. The agent was disincentivized from self-healing and the size of her slow orb was reduced considerably. The strength of Sage’s barrier orb was also reduced in order to better enable counterplay. Despite these nerfs, her pick rate didn’t take a major hit among those players who still value her healing and resurrection ability. After patch 1.07, Sage remains a highly picked agent in professional games. 


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