Here’s how to find Roderika, upgrade ash summons in Elden Ring

By Steven Rondina


Mar 4, 2022

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Elden Ring has a load of NPCs but Roderika is one of the most important.

There’s a tradition in FromSoftware games of players being able to recruit NPCs they find out into the world into their home base. Whether it’s Firelink Shrine, Oedon Chapel, or the Dilapidated Temple, players can bring an assortment of refugees, allies, and even certain enemies to the places that offer respite in otherwise harsh worlds.

Many of these NPCs wind up becoming some manner of merchant, and Roderika is no different. Here’s where to find her and what ends up happening to her along the way.

Where to find Roderika in Elden Ring

Roderika can be found at the Stormhill Shack in north Limgrave. 

If the player follows the path laid out to them by grace, they can come across Roderika early on in the Elden Ring journey. After reaching the Church of Elleh, players are pointed towards the Gatefront Ruins. This puts players on the path towards Stormveil Castle and Godrick the Grafted, the first major challenge of Elden Ring.

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If players stick to the path towards Stormveil Castle, they will come across a Site of Grace named the Stormhill Shack. Near this is a house where Roderika can be found lying on the ground. If the player exhausts dialog with her, she will give the player a Spirit Jellyfish Ash. She will also ask the player to help her reach out to the Chrysalids, a group of people harvested by Godrick the Grafted in Stormveil Castle.

The player can fulfill this wish by bringing her the Chrysalid’s Memento item from Stormveil Castle. After she leaves, players can return to Roderika’s Stormhill Shack location to find a Golden Seed.

How to get Roderika to Roundtable Hold

The player can get Roderika to go to Roundtable Hold by giving her the Chrysalids’ Memento.

The Chrysalids’ Memento can be found just off a main route in Stormveil Castle near several dogs. Players will find themselves crossing a bridge in the castle that has a dead troll suspended upside down. Beneath it are multiple hostile dogs and a pile of bodies. The Chrysalid’s Memento can be found on top of the pile of bodies. Players ought to use ranged attacks to clear out the dogs before dropping down, or they will likely be overwhelmed.

After retrieving Chrysalids’ Memento, players can give it to Roderika. Exhaust all dialog with her to receive a Golden Seed. After this point, she will move on to Roundtable Hold where she can become a Spirit Tuner.

It’s worth noting that there have been many reports about Roderika moving onto Roundtable Hold without informing the player and without accepting the Chrysalids’ Memento. It’s uncertain whether there are other ways to progress the quest forward or if this is a bug. In some cases, players may be able to find the Golden Seed reward on the ground in the Stormhill Shack after she moves on. If she moves on, players can find Roderika’s hood in the location of Chrysalids’ Memento.

How to upgrade Spirit Ash summons in Elden Ring

Players can speak to Roderika in Roundtable Hold to have her upgrade Spirit Ash summons.

After getting Roderika to move to Roundtable Hold, the player can speak with her and Smithing Master Hewg. After speaking with both, Hewg will mention that Roderika has an aptitude for Spirit Tuning. From there, speak with Roderika and then speak with Hewg again. This verbal tennis match will eventually lead to Roderika accepting the idea. 

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After reloading the Roundtable Hold area, the player can find Roderika sitting in the same room as Hewg. She will offer the ability to upgrade Spirit Ash summons in exchange for either Grave Gloveworts and Ghost Gloveworts. Spirit Ash summons are a major part of Elden Ring, so make sure to learn how to use them.


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