Here’s how Sage’s Barrier Orb can protect the Spike post-plant

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 14, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Agents who carry molotovs can be lifesavers for their teams in post-plant situations. Sage isn’t among that lot, but a well-placed wall can help protect spike. 

Calling shots from the sidelines and silently reviving her teammates, Sage is often not burdened with tasks that require damage dealing and risky duels. Sage is the closest thing Valorant has to a true support agent, which is why she’s expected to hide in safe corners once the spike has been planted. However, not taking part in fights post can make for a boring game and teammates in solo queues are always quick to claim that a player that doesn’t sprint towards their death is baiting teammates.

But fret not. The Sentinel can utilize her walls to keep herself and spike safe from the Defenders. 

Sage’s Barrier Orb is meant for blocking angles and the agent can use this wall to block enemies from reaching the spike. All you have to do is install the barrier in a way that restricts enemies from getting inside the spike’s defuse range. 

For example, on Icebox’s bomb point B, plant the spike right next to the rafters and build a wall close to the bomb. The package will be burrowed between two other walls, preventing enemies from getting close. 

This can work in most bomb points, including both sites on Icebox, Ascent’s A site, and Bind’s B site. However, the method can be a bit tricky to execute successfully. Enemies can always break down the wall, so it’s recommended to perform this trick solely in pistol rounds where bullets are a precious commodity. You can also move to to a safe corner after walling up the spike and wait for enemies to slash it with a knife, which may earn you extra kills. The walls can be highly beneficial when coupled with good aim as players can also pick duels around them.

How do you heal with Sage in Valorant?

Sage is gifted with the ability to revive and heal her injured teammates using her orbs. The agent can replenish 60 HP for her teammates by utilizing her E ability. After restocking the heal, Sage can also refill her own health bar. If Sage decides to heal herself, she’ll heal the same amount as a teammate but at a slower rate. 

Apart from healing, the agent can also revive her teammates using her ultimate, Resurrection. 


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